, there is a layman want to do App friends to find me, asked if I could help him to do a App, I said no, I am not development, you want to do for App App development company to help you, I can’t help you. Later, I asked him, what do you want app, he said, want to do emotional test class app, I and he said, the current app is too much, not good to do, the market competition is great, but you are not the Internet industry, too difficult crossover success. The thought that he would give up, who knows, a few months later, a few days ago he suddenly contacted me, his App has been on the line, called the United States to live, let me help him download experience to make a suggestion, so I asked about his entrepreneurial experience, he told me the story.

entrepreneurship is to help people stay away from emotional choice confusion

I was doing before the traditional manufacturing industry, the companies operating revenue size more than 500 million, seven years ago, general manager resigned, began to study the Internet, and created a social networking site, and then the happy net is similar, running more than a year not what effect is closed. The relationship between marriage and the Internet began studying for six years, and in five years time to write a best-selling book "emotional future marriage", but more and more young people are reading less, and emotional marriage network for young people more and more influence, emotion has become important issues of school-age men and women, from the analysis of the wedding industry association data shows that over 6 of the marriage because of emotional problems and broken, and I myself on the emotional problems and study more, I want to be to help the contemporary urban life of men and women in the form of app, which is the origin of APP and the goal of living. The specific is that? Is doing a test class APP practical emotion, because of emotional digital testing must be a future direction, we give our positioning is the emotional service industry, we will continue to improve the emotional testing, counseling, marriage, this is a basic configuration, but also an emotional service chain, at the same time would have been free testing services.

cross-border App is not easy to promote more difficult

for me as a cross-border cross year of entrepreneurs, to do a mobile Internet Co will encounter many problems, the beginning, do not know how to start, had no choice but to commissioned in May last year to develop a version of outsourcing, three months after the outsourcing development, but the effect is not satisfied. Then in September his team development team, including me, a total of six people, I was a product manager role, structure, mode, copy, style, interaction and testing work, I have to do, of course, there are also many users experience problems and 90 team meeting to have the consensus. Let me confirm and modify, finally after 3 months, our second version of the line, although some rough, but from the reality and dream a step closer.

has solved the difficulties of development and other difficulties, and this is what I expected, for me, the general operations management