annual Apple conference held as scheduled, with all the speculation outside, apple did not surprise us again. The lack of Jobs’s apple is a ship without the ship heading rampage, no target. This is not the Apple fans want to see, their eyes had become pioneers of innovation as ordinary people.


Apple’s lack of innovation has been unable to curb the decline in sales of the situation, every time the conference can only make this decline further exacerbate the situation. A declining empire is being eroded by more and more peers. People not only to ask: what is the lack of innovative apple can bring us


one, the innovative gene still exudes a weak force. Even if a lot of people are saying that apple is becoming less and less innovative, but in the current market environment, apple is still leading the power of innovation in the entire technology sector. With Apple’s Jobs era, Cook era Apple innovation strength already cannot be mention in the same breath. Nevertheless, apple is still leading the whole wave of innovation in the field of science and technology, it’s every innovation in the era of our lives into a new development force.

two, the layout of the capital so that apple can play a role in a broader field. Compared with apple in the innovation of science and technology have apple in the capital of the layout is very comprehensive and innovative. Cook under the leadership of Apple has evolved from a simple technology company into a set of technology, investment, research and development and other fields in one of the complex.

apple for its own positioning may have evolved from an innovative technology company has become an investment led investment company. This apple will not let it change all investments are put in the same basket, even if Apple’s mobile phone sales continued to decline, apple can still keep it in position in the big world of science and technology, and will use its capital layout to achieve sustainable profitability.

three, apple ecosystem can still lead the development of science and technology development. A lot of people will feel the lack of innovative apple is less and less attractive, however, they do not realize that Apple has five years ago to create their own ecosystem. At present, many domestic Internet Co are mentioned in the ecosystem is apple has established.

Lei Jun millet and Jia Yueting LETV, Wang Guobin Tuba rabbit are trying to build the ecological system as much as possible in more areas to achieve their own profits and greater development. Apple has already set up five years ago, this set of Chinese entrepreneurs dream of ecosystems. Apple’s ecosystem model may lead and inspire more people to build their own ecosystem.

four, Apple’s corporate values may continue to guide more enterprises. Apple has long been detached from the company itself, it has brought the influence of the technology sector has long exceeded the scope of the company. I >