2017 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The competition of the Internet into the heavy operation stage, the company has been the rise of the site under the path of startups get traffic difficult. Community, broadcast, etc. become an important channel for their access to traffic.

opportunity or. But more serious than the original, more vertical. Even the Internet transformation is not deep in the entertainment industry have emerged in this change, the future of the content will be more detailed, more accurate, to serve a certain group.

AI continues to develop, the robot will replace mechanical, stylized work seems to have become an indisputable fact. But, when will this picture come true, which is the first industry affected?

SaaS also began to focus on the management of online and offline. Does this mean that, for the enterprise, the development of online and offline for many years has become a new battlefield of Internet companies

entrepreneur & I dark horse hand in hand investors, entrepreneurs together for entrepreneurs to interpret the industry development code in 2017.

enterprise service spring has come

blue venture partner Chen Weiguang:

three or four years ago, we are talking about investment business services, we feel that the spring of corporate services may come in 2017. In the field of SaaS segments, we are more optimistic about the company to help manage the line, online business. Now the enterprise has not only on the line, even millet line shop, Wang Jianlin also in line. So go to the management of online and offline business through a more efficient system, the integration of online and offline, to ensure the flow of data, may be a great demand, we will put some specialized in the enterprise.

simple Internet food walk

Hony investment chairman Wang Xiaolong:

catering industry in the past two or three years, my understanding is to adjust: a group of the original well-known enterprises in the reduction of body mass, including a very high-profile Internet Co.

I think that 2017 needs to keep pace with the times, especially these points:

first, if you really are doing a catering business, we must first do it well, otherwise more well-known, store more die sooner.

second, corporate tradition is not a problem, the problem is whether there is a good profit model. The single mode is not profitable, the problem is not solved, whether it is single, straight to join, will have problems.

third, with a good model, but also really do products, brands. If a few years ago is brewing, then next year will be the era of brand catering, and will be more differentiation.

tongue busy founder Wang snow:

trend one: with the bursting of the Internet bubble, the Internet began to return to the essence of food and beverage restaurants, on the one hand, pay attention to the taste of the product >