layout will have enough confusion, users need to browse very carefully, to find what they want, promotions are other distribution sites out, a lot of on nature is not appropriate, should open a special promotion zone is more reasonable.


, over segmentation is not conducive to confuse the user browsing

two, easily lead to excessive site optimization

In fact,

another form is completely according to their own thinking to classification, many users do not know the classification of things inside is like, such as screen classification:

site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process to deal with the details very much, love Shanghai search engine launched concept of "user experience", is no way to make a good ranking keyword generation only rely on the support of the chain, the chain powerful keyword ranking just produce flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum many webmaster found, even no matter how keywords optimization can not go up; search engine to remind us that the chain has good ranking of the era has ended, don’t be too obsessed with the chain, the overall optimization is more important.


content is the most important piece of website optimization, the content is still not to be ignored, without good content support, there is no way to meet the needs of users, with good content but also to have a reasonable classification, classification determines whether the user can quickly find the content they want to love Shanghai search engine optimization guide clear: classification of good content website should be reasonable and not excessive subdivision.

why web content should not be over segmentation? In the eyes of most Shanghai dragon Er view, web content should be as detailed as possible, because the user is to see such details, that detailed content layout is in accord with the user experience of the website, in fact, is not so.

open the cool breeze series and classic series are other columns of some products, this approach will undoubtedly be superfluous, in the keyword search also didn’t take effect, the general user can only according to the type of screen window to search, such as invisible screens, magnetic anti-theft screens, stainless steel anti-theft window, Aluminum Alloy doors and windows. These are what users really need products. The column over segmentation undoubtedly allow users to confuse, is not conducive to the user to find the products they want or content.

see a lot of sites have dual navigation layout, open the site actually inside the content is not much, only some of the same classification are further subdivided, which leads to the user in the search for content to appear dazzling phenomenon, is difficult to find what you want, this layout seems to want to say: with the user to so that you can not find, let you see how you can not find, such as map navigation column layout: