three B2B:B2B to destoon system as an example, the common /member/register.php page there will be a problem, this name is not unique, may be more than destoon, the other open source is used, then how can we deal with it, look down the syntax: inurl:/ member/register.php "type of company", we try to open the /member/register.php destoon system to find the page, only one word, that no matter how to modify the program page panel, some things are not getting, such as "company type", the B2B site I believe, the word most are not going to change. Similarly when we cannot find it unique page, this method is also very practical. This method is universal.

is now working as a web site is easy, post promotion is very difficult, and we may have the feeling, as for the latter part of the promotion is nothing more than the chain + content, the content is not to say, I want to say is how to get us to strike the chain will use search engines to grammar, can now do the chain not many places, it is no more than a few types, BBS, B2B, Q & A, information classification, collection, etc.. Here I will talk about how to look for:

There are many

various types of open source, is also not a example method, this method is in common, the key is how to find the program, but also to remind everyone, use Google to search resources, like Shanghai a lot of problems, also do not have to pay attention to, I say: method is to throw grammar click on the search box search. To the novice, heroes across.

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two classification information: to Qi Bo classification information system as an example, do the classified information website source program basically also, Qi Bo classification information system construction in common, the registration page /do/reg.php syntax: inurl:/do/reg.php, many common procedures, the key is to find out for yourself, to discover.

Forum: we should all know the Internet is now more popular open source BBS is DZ, PHPWIND, we built the forum basic use of this open source, since the use of the same source program, then it will have a common point, then we can use the grammar to find the resources to DZ for example, home page is the /forum.php file syntax: inurl: /forum.php, suggest that you go to Google search, Google search library after all, greater than the love of Shanghai, everyone from the website Google included quantity obviously can look out of