is wrong?

every time the webmaster optimization strategy of reform, can not be said is to keep up with the pace of change in the search engine, all most of them according to the search engine’s announcement or their own webmaster experience after the slogan shouted out, is to return to the user experience, more specifically return search engine experience. Turn on the computer every day, the webmaster first is most concerned about the site’s ranking has no fluctuation, are not included in the snapshot has increased, not timely updates, traffic has not changed, PV and IP have what change, appears to be very busy but never reflect on the content of the website users really need website? The framework set true user knowledge search? Website provides the product can bring real help to the user

continue to reform the search engine algorithm, let the webmaster to gradually realize the importance of user experience. In the process of implementation, many webmasters have a one-sided view, do the core user experience is to return to the station optimization, ignoring the importance of the chain website ranking. Focus on construction of website content, from the set of high quality original articles to reasonable inside chain, from the website frame structure to submit a site map, from 301 to 404 pages and submit the redirect, as long as the method that can increase the user experience, the construction of the webmaster and in the end. Ignore the most fundamental purpose of website optimization.

is just one aspect of the website optimization, search engine clearly pointed out that the determinants of website ranking 200 kinds, we only in certain areas is outstanding, is not necessarily a factor occupies an important position in the ranking. With the increasing requirements of user experience, the work we do, the webmaster have deeply considered, it increases the user experience? We have no concern about the web page and the degree of concern bounce rate, these are the true reflection of the site have something to help customers, if a the site of high degree of concern, but mostly concentrated on the first page, residence time and bounce rate.

in network optimization knowledge is most webmaster known today, a technology from the start, start from the change of the search engine’s perception, while ignoring the importance of marketing, website optimization can not go to the technical bottleneck. A part of the search engine itself is the only network marketing, improve the site’s ranking from the technology, increase customer contact frequency. The more important is how to step into the flow in the website attracted customers, from target customers into real customers, which requires the construction of the content of the website we consider from the perspective of network marketing. Website optimization to jump out of the limitations, to improve the optimization strategy blindly, seemingly every day did not do less work, change every day to explore and study the search engine optimization method, improved their time, but found that web site ranking than some of the looks are not as good as their own website.

then what kind of situation, don’t pay attention to the internal construction site, pay attention to the high quality of the creation of