this is not controversial, the greater the number, the more vote, ranking the better.

11, link to the page where the domain name is

reverse link

also has some impact, link to the page where the older the better domain name.

5, the content of the site where the reverse link

link to the page where the domain name may be old, but even change the site record information for this page, where the domain name does not have a real sense of the old domain effect is good.

2, the reverse link page

reverse link will affect the ranking, that is the HTML code around, rather than around the page is displayed visually.

12, the reverse link page where the first time included


obviously, the influence of different authority is not the same, different weights of the pages of the vote are not the same effect, the better the effect of reverse link the higher the weight of the page.

The position of

natural growth rate is relatively good, too fast would be regarded as cheating, too slow, the effect is not obvious.

this is very important, reverse link if the link text is Wuhan Shanghai dragon point to your site will affect your site’s ranking of the word Wuhan Shanghai dragon.

and related to your website page was not related to the superior.

1, the number of

3, the growth rate of

The The anchor text

if the page first included time and love was born in Shanghai, the same age, it is clear the page to your web site to vote "

7, the reverse link content around

reverse linkThe reverse link The weight of

link in the actual content of the page inside the best.

, 9 links in the pages of the new

10, link to the page where the age of the domain name

reverse link the website’s content and the content of your site is close to the natural link quality better.

4, where the content of the page

reverse link

6, the reverse link

love Shanghai not love the new page, Google is relatively good alike, so the old page links will be better.

Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun briefly summarized the 18 factors influencing the reverse link keywords ranking. We all know what factors affect keyword ranking very much, very great link to affect the keywords ranking, learn to analyze the reverse link how to affect the keywords ranking has a very important significance for the Shanghai dragon staff. The Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun to analyze the elements of these backlinks website.

8, link on the page.The

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