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than we do is Shanghai dragon optimization, as it is the work of Shanghai Longfeng monitoring, Shanghai dragon should do every day in place, the rest is Shanghai dragon monitoring, Shanghai dragon is a competition game, the game rules of the game, but the rule makers are not us, we beat each other trying to play this game. In the analysis of competitors, it is easy to say, is actually very difficult, we have to do the first step is to monitor the Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon data monitoring. Including competitors included in the site, trans, love Shanghai snapshot data, how to make these statistical data

software to deal with, this can generate more intuitive data statistic map of Shanghai longfeng. Otherwise, a domain name query workload is too large, somewhat unrealistic, such as Chinaz webmaster tools, we can generate pictures we want through the program or software, these require programmers to develop some systems, it is not difficult to. Common chart types are bar charts, line charts, diagrams can directly see the website data.

second: creating more intuitive data statistics Shanghai Dragon Figure


Hello, I’m Liang Lei, screen name: stone. Because of the recent love Shanghai has been unable to let many webmaster and Shanghai dragon keep calm, every day many people go to the Shanghai dragon forum, QQ group counseling, the most is my site is K why "," how long to recover "such as the problem of flying, usually QQ group, everyone will each one sticks to his own viewpoint some people say, what you do well, some people say the chain you too much, some people say that you stand in the optimization of excessive and so on, we analysis to finally" no solution ", I think every Shanghai dragon are basically clear those things, but how can we make ourselves the idea is based on those views? We are all probably guess, based on past experience that things, no data of Shanghai dragon is unable to convince people that.

: first we need some Shanghai Longfeng tool

is now the domestic seemingly not Shanghai dragon tools such as, some also some charge tools, but in my opinion there are few tools worth me to pay to use the tools and functions compared to some foreigners, the gap is not small. But with the help of some other software, such as: EXCEL, locomotive collector, believe that the two tools we are not unfamiliar, but real research is not much, the EXCEL function is very powerful, before I read an article, a friend is to realize the detection ranking query and chain EXCEL. The collector is many locomotive acquisition station essential tool, not only can collect the articles on the site, can collect a lot of data on the web, and log analysis software, web log. Explorer Web log analysis software (the best of things now, cracked version).