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2006, Quanzhou entrepreneur Su Jiting in a chat with each other in the famous economist Xu Xiaonian, advised him, "you are still young, should not be a part of the country, the mind should be larger, greater as." This sentence has been idle for three years, Su Zhen vigilance.

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1997, Su Jiting founded the aodeao production company, air purifier, and become a global partner of Electrolux, Honeywell, Audi, which earned a gold for Su Jiting. A few years later, the company entered a high-speed development period, its air purifier, fresh air system market share reached 17.6%, the top three of China’s market share.

from a part of the country to do poineering work the two times

although in many people’s view, this is at best Marco Polo’s business territory expansion, and in the eyes of CEO Su Jing, into the Internet banking is more like its own third pioneering.

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2013, Marco Polo network began a new battlefield, based on "accurate procurement search" and "accurate advertising" B2B e-commerce platform, began to seek expansion and new changes, and Internet banking has become a new direction.


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three years earlier, Su Jiting loves golf cruising in the world’s major golf course, for his 30 year old, to achieve financial freedom, most of the golf and tourism is life.

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2002, Su Jiting was named Quanzhou outstanding entrepreneur, founder of winning together with him as well as Anta, XTEP and Septwolves, Qipai brand etc..

2004, Su Jiting enabled a partner venture together responsible for the management of the company since the ADA, basically out of business management company. Love golf, he immediately began three years of leisure Fu play time.


"although I’m not familiar with the Internet, I’m a very deep Internet user, not only on the Internet, but also on the Internet."

, this is the dilemma and challenge that many entrepreneurs will face. After success, the lack of a clear career direction, easy to indulge in the enjoyment of life.


"it’s fun to go out for the first year, but it’s boring in third years.". And Xu Xiaonian’s words let me wake up, but also from then on, ready for the two venture." Su Jiting said.

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as sue Jiting began to seek new business direction, a chance to procurement opportunities, Jiting found the lack of B2B China Su precision procurement search, then went to Beijing, to create a Marco Polo network, and Xu Xiaonian also became one of the first investors Marco Polo.

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do Taobao customers, most afraid of standing PID is someone else, and their hard work site, promotion, the results are in others to do standing, and oneself still completely don’t know. Some actually PID is their own, the Commission also has, but when landing Ali mother view, but nothing, think the program has a back door. Taobao off the program unless you stand very beautiful and distinctive, or ordinary people don’t want your program, so the program on the back door of the most can be excluded, with a simple graphic description suitable to all guest program. We literally open a detailed page of a product.

CEO for Marco Polo Su Jiting, surging wave of Internet banking, is becoming a venture of two after a third chance.


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