third, from a single ad form to an interactive ad format. Today, in addition to graphic advertising, more interactive advertising. Online advertising has become a major part of interaction. Advertisers know what people like about their advertisements.

first of all, the traditional form of advertising to the form of online advertising development. Beginning in the early 80s of last century, large-scale launch of IT ads in traditional newspapers, from 1997 began on the network, the first network advertising is Intel put on the ChinaByte. The network advertisement form

winding growth experiences,

  IT China advertising from the beginning of plane advertisement, now with the continuous development of Internet and TV media platform flexible and diverse, the overall development of more rapid, showing the characteristics and trend of variety.
the first trend:

first of all, from the arrival to cover development, enterprise advertising in various media, to meet the arrival in a professional field, but to cover type development, large enterprise product advertising is everywhere.

Lin Chengren was born in Fujian and moved to Hongkong when he was very young. "I don’t speak English, I don’t speak Cantonese, and my classmates call me" mainland Tsai "".

advertising form changing

fourth, graphic, network and television formats are diverse. Increasing advertising efforts, not only reflected in the network advertising fire, but also reflects >

as a product of social software list TOP1 founder aspirations, Lin Chengren as the product of the same name, the outside world seems to be a secret, his name and the little information on the media, even if the product is facing a huge controversy. In July 5th, the secret founder and CEO Lin Chengren for the first time received from the media South seven interview, talk about no secret of those things.

secondly, advertising is developing toward pure picture advertising. Earlier pictures advertising has been developed to graphic advertising, in this regard, IBM e-commerce e applications opened a head. Today’s picture ads are beginning to evolve into graphic ads, hoping to send more information to audiences.

from a piece of software has such a contrast: This is a let a lot of people feel interesting applications, this is a let a lot of people think that this is the most boring application; touted the new social software, this is being Tucao most software; this is the most promising new areas this is the most, is the development direction of decline; this is a staff were very happy APP, this is a boss and a PR APP; users in the use of a variety of happiness, is helpless when reading whistleblowers, in short, there has never been such a big difference evaluation software and totally different experience, this is the secret now renamed no secret.

, when he graduated, received a lot of big companies offer, he chose Amazon, Amazon Co technology and welfare, work atmosphere in the world is at the forefront. He’s >

second trends: increasing advertising efforts,

after graduating from high school he went to the United States undergraduate, and then read a master in University of California at San Diego, completed a degree in artificial intelligence, now shlf1314 and sh419 brain research is hot in this direction. In the United States, an international student like him graduated without a job. The only way back is to return to his place of origin. But it’s never easy to keep a job. Obviously, he was not afraid to face the challenge, because Lin Chengren knows best the most cutting-edge technology in the United States, so in the university soon began to prepare for graduate work, he practice about 5 jobs in the University, is to accumulate experience, in front of two or even free to do. One of them is to help the game company to do web design, and finally, he did more work than full-time people, but also the boss was embarrassed, often invited him to a nearby good restaurant to eat, but also to help him write a letter of recommendation.

Lin Chengren was born in Fujian and moved to Hongkong when he was very young. When I first arrived in Hongkong, he was not used to it. I used to study Chinese and maths in the countryside of Hongkong, but I had to study nine subjects when I was in Fujian. "I don’t speak English, I don’t speak Cantonese, and my classmates call me" mainland Zi ". After many years, he still knows all kinds of discrimination he suffered at that time. At that time, family members also do not pay attention to talk and exchange, so he can only rely on their own efforts and hard work, a year later, he was admitted to the first full year, English Cantonese will, in the school also met a lot of friends.

secondly, domestic brands develop rapidly under the impetus of international brands. With the network advertisement as an example, 1999 advertising is Intel, Dell, IBM such international IT customers, but by 2002, domestic brands TCL, Changhong, Lenovo and other companies, has a large area of coverage of the online advertising market. In the media and television advertising, too, the domestic mobile phone brand advertising is also overwhelming.

third, brand advertising to product direct marketing advertising, and even appeared directly through advertising click buy a variety of forms. For example, DELL and Lenovo direct advertising, direct can enter the product page or directly see the detailed information of products through advertising, ignoring the brand appeal, direct emphasis on product function and price, users can directly through direct telephone or interactive website to buy the product.