respected stationmaster, everybody is good!

third: first understand the needs of target customers and then proceed to the station, but not hurried to the Internet to download a Taobao customer program, web content copying, change of PID, to the forum message post top posts that can earn money, earn money this year, so good, everyone can do Taobao off the. Some analysts, Taobao customers really earn less than 20% of the money, and the real money is absolutely a very dedicated person.

fourth: if there is a SEO based, good website optimization, this is the problem of execution, and this is the master, not recommended for novice to do, because SEO is not a day for two days to do. There have been many successful online SEO cases, such as the Taobao crown shop, the Korean version of Taobao. The website generally do, even very ugly, but their website ranking is very high, some visible SEO skill. Take a good look at these websites, and the reasons for their success in SEO can be used for reference.

      more than 6001 yuan more than 10000 yuan, 8% of the Commission on the back of the day as a reward;
      more than 10001 yuan more than 10.7% of the Commission on the day of the Commission as a reward

when I first started working as a Taobao customer, I earned a few cents in a couple of months. I was always confused and couldn’t find the reason. After a friend’s introduction, met an employee of Taobao. Chatted with him for a while, and showed him my website: 90 Amoy – Taobao crown shop navigation, he helped me analyze the reasons for not making money:

      1. according to the actual daily income amount of commission of independent ID is calculated for
      2. every Friday, six, the Commission will be unified payment on Monday, award criteria is calculated according to the actual amount of commission every day.
      3. independent ID without accumulated accounting; if your commission is 6001 yuan a day, then the bonus is: 6001*6% yuan.
      4. in the law to allow the right of final interpretation of the activity to youDay
      alliance;; 5. the deadline for October 19, 2007 to November 1, 2007

first, give users the reason why you don’t go to Taobao and buy your website. 90 Amoy is a crown shop navigation, and Taobao has advanced search function, for the heart, security and vigilance of Taobao users, they will use this function to find the required crown shop. Only a few more lazy users might find a store that needs to be found through your website, and you’ll need to find lazy users.

second lets users feel secure and secure about your website. Many people are always wary of psychology in a strange site, they think: this website will trojan virus? Will not be phishing sites, fraud my money? This requires your website must reassure users browsing. In general, you can put a "rising Kingsoft security certification mark", and then join the "Taobao customers" partner logo, so that users trust you.

      full 100 yuan to 300 yuan, the return amount of commission as a reward of 2%  
      full 301 yuan to 600 yuan, the return amount of commission as a reward of 3%
      full 601 yuan to 1000 yuan, the day of return the amount of commission of 3.5% as a reward of
      full 1001 yuan to 3000 yuan, the return amount of commission as a reward of 5%
      full 3001 yuan to 6000 yuan, the return amount of commission as a reward of 7%

Author: 90 Amoy

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I’ve been investigating some Taobao users, and his statement is not absolutely correct, and many people rarely use the advanced search function, which is basically a direct search for goods.

      NPC and CPPCC during "youDay" "profit rebate activity began! Because of the "NPC and CPPCC" impact on the work site traffic and channel to stationmaster income falls, youDay thank you for the support and trust for a long time, launched special profit rebate activities.

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