as if you were going to open a Taobao store, you certainly need to look at what Taobao is buying first, and the demand is strong, which is very important information. Have done BP, met BP know, the previous page PPT must have a page to tell you, "track", meaning that the current market demand is exuberant, how big is the space?.

as a content product, its way of profit is probably 3, the first is called advertising, the second is called the electricity supplier, and the third is called knowledge payment.


earlier saw a friend forwarding an article entitled "short video" by Mr. Wu Xiaobo. The headline was "Wu Xiaobo: a short video bubble could burst this year." it scared me to open my eyes.

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we all want to ask who is the most enthusiastic person to make short videos today, the platform, today’s headlines, micro-blog, Tencent. Why do they like short videos so much? Because video reads longer than it does, that is to say, it can increase the rate of retention and the length of reading.


analysis: Wu said no, but probably can understand the context, meaning is the platform because of its own needs, in the wind blowing, the entrepreneurs into the pit zone. The logical problem here, do not do business, those retained high and long time, is to do low retention and short time? I actually know a lot of this nobody read, I tell you, you dare to do

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on a platform, increasing the length of the reading course is a strategic goal, so the platform advocate short video outlet, even with subsidies to encourage everyone to do a short video.

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discrimination: after this passage, Wu Xiaobo spent some time analyzing the three profit methods, why not?. The reason is not without considerable respect. But this starting point has been a problem.

of course, not to say that the unpopular things will certainly not have the opportunity, but to encourage everyone to do hot, demand for things, certainly not a mistake,

is that, for traditional text categories, this >

The problem with

short video hot start from the second half of last year, in the end there is no bubble is not discussed, but Wu Xiaobo’s article, less than 1000 words, there are 3 main arguments, all have obvious mistakes.

surprised me most is that this article is based on Wu Xiaobo in Himalaya on a subscription column on the content of sorting out, that is to say, the concept of knowledge is paid for sale "". If the sale is not knowledge but hamburgers, clothes, cosmetics, selling fake goods is to bear legal responsibility, but under the false knowledge during peaceful times out of the price to sell, what people did not seem to make people regret this tube.