I am not as different, I think we are entering the age of data, a very important thing, each person for each issue, angle, depth and breadth to is not the same, not only as you are.

I think the so-called "smart world", we should not let things like human beings, machines should have their own wisdom

on the morning of June 29th, Tianjin world intelligence conference site, Ma made a speech of ten thousand words, 36 krypton made a certain streamlining, the following is Ma speech finishing:

in fact, the big data age, the most important thing is to let everyone do their best.


so I’d like to talk about it today. I like the word "world intelligence Congress", or "smart", and we’re going into the smart world. But my translation of some words in China is wrong. Artificial intelligence these words sound is wrong, people see themselves too tall. The two words of data is also a problem, a lot of people talk about the "big" big misunderstanding, people think big data is actually a large amount of data, big data is big calculation, high calculation data, called big data.

these three things are not the same, the steam engine release their energy, but does not require a steam engine to imitate human muscle. Computers release human brains, but they do not allow computers to think in the same way as the brain or brain. Machines must have their own way, and human beings must respect and revere the intelligence of machines. Machines must have their own unique thinking.

I’ve been talking about it recently. I said I was in high school and I was a little kid. I didn’t take the exam as first place. It was a very important reason. I knew I couldn’t be the first. Second, when first, too tired. Third, one, a class of fifty people, twenty people actually do a good. Be the best you can be, be your own best. Therefore, we must have different perspectives, different depths and different breadth of view on any question. I always insist on thinking so.

to do a twenty people really good. Big data era, the most important thing is to let everyone do their best.

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artificial intelligence, I think so: people are wise, machines are intelligent, animals are instinctive.

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if we take the car to imitate human words, the car should be walking on two legs, the car will not run fast walking on two legs, man two thousand years ago, people have been thinking, if you can fly, always want to grow wings, but did not want to replace human flight aircraft. A lot of problems, we all have different thinking to see the problem.

machines should not be like human beings, they should not do things,