08 years also made a personal station, a total of 3 stations, spent almost 2000 yuan, basically did not make money, because I did not how to promote, and the two sites do not have a clear positioning and profit model.


the earliest contact Wangzhuan should be 06 years, when the contact is like a project like this, only received a money, but let me believe that Internet is that people can make money, because at that time still in school, no computer, the cost is too high to engage in Internet cafes, so no later. 07 years after graduation to do software engineers, just to work energetically didn’t want anything else, so that there is no attention to the wangzhuan.

Wangzhuan unspoken rule one: don’t ask how much someone a month. A lot of people especially newcomers to a lot of Wangzhuan group, how much to ask this ask that a month. This is the most stupid question. How many people earn a month with you what link? How much money a month, has a relationship with many factors, people can earn much money, you may not be the same, others do not earn, maybe you do. All others tell you, you and others make there are still differences. Human intelligence is not the same, not the same level of effort, resources are not the same, investment is not the same, not the same time, you can’t compare with people, there are mountains, some people outside, do their contentment.

08 August or so, due to relatively strict supervision during the Olympic Games, resulting in the closure of the site for a month. I can’t remember how I came into contact with Empire CMS, and I thought it was a good program. I learned for a while on imperial website. The Empire’s official tutorial did a good job, and I took the tutorial in less than a week and did a copy of the CHINAZ template. What you learned was the creation of the Empire template, and the rules for writing the collection, because the CSS code for this template was basically written by hand, and I learned how to solve the compatibility problem of CSS in different browsers.

now Wangzhuan is also an industry, whether you admit it or not, this industry has created a number of millions of millionaires. Even if you doubt will search "Wangzhuan, Wangzhuan is really, I think you really want to out. Since Wangzhuan has become an industry in the Internet business, so all walks of life have his unspoken rule, Wangzhuan industry is the same. The veteran engaged in Wangzhuan, industry’s unspoken rule already accepted. So, in the end what Wangzhuan unspoken rule

08 years around March, found the COMSENZ 5D6D forum unintentionally, then feel if a forum that the multi Niua, ran to the official forum for tutorials, and soon the first forum you out. Like all the novice webmaster, I had the station is also the blind pursuit of large, the interest of all got up, novels, games, pictures, entrepreneurship, Wangzhuan, column number. At that time, full of impulse, after standing out, have been manually added content, but also for students to help me post. Later, I felt that the 5D6D forum had too many restrictions, so I ran to buy the space domain name. At that time, when buying space is really a rookie, nothing understood, the results were fooled, spent 700 yuan to buy a 500M space, installed on the forum, but also often can not open the problem, ask them not to mention what happened. After the independent forum on the line, the column has been reduced a lot, has focused on entrepreneurship and network related content. Later contact SS/XS, immediately put their website installed, the site includes information, blog, BBS 3 columns, a small column a lot, and later found that so many columns, a person himself can not do it at all. However, the site of the PR and included in the situation is good. Do this site did not make any money, but learned a lot of things: learned DZ, SS installation, learned the SS template production, learned to write collection rules, learned to use the forum collector. Now DZ and SS problems, I basically know how to solve, and this is probably the biggest harvest.

Wangzhuan unspoken rule two: do not inquire about other people’s resources directly. Wangzhuan resource is the most valuable, the so-called light dead, as if the word is created for Wangzhuan industry. Many people rely on a few resources a month income is very high, and these resources once released, a lot of people with a variety of unconventional ways to do this, causing resources to die soon. Many people refused to stop, not to pay, or even bankruptcy. Anyone who has some common sense of how to protect resources. Even if you find out the resources, it is nothing more than to pay you like, or to pull off the assembly line project. The project will give you a report to think?.

09 years in February, my brother and his classmates let me help do a wholesale network, it was PHPC>

Wangzhuan unspoken rule four: don’t ask what someone else is the site, especially English station. Maybe a lot of people with learning psychology asked what other people’s Web site, but it is also a taboo. We all know that money is far higher than the English station Chinese station, and people do English station does not have a good direction, so the most want to imitate others. Think about it, since they do English station, it will be English national traffic, what do you want to Chinese > IP

Wangzhuan unspoken rule three: do not advertise in the peer group. If you want to access resources in the group, you should be patient, from others chats, you will always find some traces. Do not advertise in this group, especially to pull down the linear Wangzhuan project. Open the store a lot of business people in front of the store and write on declined peer inside, Mianchi indecent. Wangzhuan is also business, others Xin Kujian group, the creation of resources, you do not give him the advertising is increasing competition in it? Don’t blame him to kick you, you grab someone else’s business, breaking other people’s wealth, you have to eat, give a kick your reason?