my site named sh419 is really guilty Wangzhuan, Chinese name, big scary, in fact, is a small little website. Probably nobody knows except himself and the people in his own circle. The search engine is not included, but is a small website, my monthly income reached six hundred yuan, as a part-time online who is successful. To do such a station is purely accidental, in the making of friends under the instigation also bought a COM domain name, took the big name, is actually a small character. Today, I wrote out the successful experience of my website, and it is also a way for the webmaster to discuss the survival of the website.

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Internet writer looks relaxed work may be a lot of people yearn for, but a survey of some Internet writer reporter revealed that in fact these Internet writer is not happy, income also did not imagine so good.

4., who will visit your station? This is the key to the problem. Only interested people will come to us, so publicity is especially important. My experience is a post publicity, especially the forum like place, but more people play, I sink easily. Two group is publicity, but many hair, easily reported, resulting in hair can not go out. I think the easiest way is to click Wangzhuan station. Click on the ads, of course people will care about do click click aspects, as long as there is a collection of your site you have half the success. I spend fifty yuan a month advertising, in fact, is a reasonable investment bar. Kazakhstan.

"I live at home all day long. I wake up and write. I probably don’t go out for a month."." The snow time Internet writer a pseudonym told reporters, "the website with the signing of the contract, will be updated every day, a day to 6000 words, even if the default is not updated or not enough words. Sometimes, the mind is blank, no inspiration, but still have to write hard. The original is a few college students basically do not contact the relatives, is occasionally a phone call, all can’t see." When it comes to work on time is updated, the snow is a face of helpless.

audience company, errands company, chief surprise officer, small and micro enterprise, virtual housekeeper"…… The change of market demand for new, pro, you have what business? You or your friends are experiencing a new occupation? Maybe this new industry is "Epiphyllum", only "one" is nowadays; maybe it is a seed, through the test of the market will grow into a new enterprise like "Taobao". In any case, the market economy is an opportunity to try.

wrote 400 words

6 sh419 Wangzhuan profit model: one is to pull off the assembly line.

entrepreneurship story

3. build your own circle. A circle is actually in building your team, the team determines the size of your higher grades. Do at the beginning of the station, I joined more than 100 group, oneself also built more than 10 group, net world webmaster and earn friends, popularity on the station also fire, income also more, no team is impossible to succeed.

5. update your station in time, what good stand in time release, not necessarily offline connection, and so on. A website name plus a hyperlink is OK. In addition, the accident occurred in the station should be timely reports, so that friends in time to end. The speed of the update determines how many visitors you fixed, never mind.

1. determines the direction of your website. This is important, and if your site is not featured, it won’t survive. The direction of development of sh419 is propaganda China click Wangzhuan money mode, this is a step to every online job earn will experience, so there are broad prospects for development, a way of making the other I do not do publicity, to make friends to provide professional information online. After a year of development, I have a group of hardcore readers, because of the timely release of the latest information, so the rate of return is relatively high.

finds new business around

, the latest annual report on the 2012-2013 China digital publishing industry, says e-books earn 3 billion 100 million yuan, 4.43 times the size of the previous year. Such a large audience and industrial scale, relying on the network is to provide a number of writers of the content, only the "grand literature" under the network writers as many as 1 million 600 thousand people, the smaller the literary website writers have much more than ten million. Such hot supply and demand, gave birth to "network writer" the growth of this professional group.

writes 6000 words per day

industry background,

if you ask around 70, 80, 80, I believe that few people do not know the "first intimate contact" this work. "Cai" love infected a generation. This novel by Cai Zhiheng, who is regarded as the starting point of network literature, has set off the upsurge of network literature in 1999. Since then, investors and investors who have found the opportunity have taken the fast train of network literature, and many "network Bookstores" and "literary websites" have risen. From the "golden bookstore", "banyan tree", to the present huge "starting point Chinese network", "Jinjiang literature" and so on, they are accompanied by the development and popularization of the domestic Internet, nearly 200 million of the readers.

2. stations should be concise and clear. Like our station is not necessary to do Holi fancy, no one will care about your image. People look at your station, usually go straight to the subject, you have to provide useful information. Of course, do not make garbage stations.

stays home all month,

survey, authors from various web sites have been in recent years