not long ago, Ford, a veteran car maker, bought a bike sharing rental platform called Motivate and will launch the Ford GoBike bike next year. Coincidentally, the two sharing platform and ofo Mobell bicycle bicycle has become the focus in favor of capital, and have completed hundreds of millions of dollars in financing. Fame due to Uber and Airbnb statements, sharing economy is in a period of time before "exhausted", seems to be for entrepreneurs to bring a new round of spring.


      but also some people proposed to optimize price as the goal, but not eCPM, and therefore an intense debate.

, Motivate, and ofo, two logic logic based on "connection"

      AdSense is not suitable for all theme websites, so I need to set up a custom channel and URL channel to monitor website, let me know which channels the eCPM high, can bring better returns, which is relatively low, lower the overall site of eCPM, leading to a decline in overall revenue.


, by contrast, ofo can be said to be another logic. From media reports, ofo’s founding team is 5 from the North riding enthusiasts, and then catch the shared economic transformation in the mode of sharing campus bicycle, to purchase third party users sharing supplemented by bicycle. Obviously, unlike Ford, from products to services, ofo’s logic is the product of services, which first tap out the demand for bike services, and then meet the needs of the product. It’s just different from Uber, C2C, and ofo

      we all know that AdSense is CPC in the form of advertising, which is in accordance with the click charge. So many people use various methods to improve the hit rate, or even delay times. But some long-term delivery AdSense friends have found that AdSense is more than CPC, it has CPA factors in.

with eCPM channel effect judgment

, as Mark Fields, President of Ford, said, "cars are never just about travel, but about connectivity."." The implication is that the car as a means of transport may withdraw from the stage of history at any time, but "connected" will not. To this end, on the one hand, Ford actively promote the continuous progress of the automotive industry, on the other hand, the sights on the bus and bike, in the acquisition of Motivate at the same time, Ford also acquired the bus start-up company Chariot. Not difficult to understand the logic of Ford, the future will also develop electric buses and electric bicycles, and through the form of a shared platform to meet the needs of users travel. Even leaving the car, the travel service is still inseparable from Ford.

, and the drop off the travel market with a shared economy, Motivate and ofo share a bike that seems to spark another revolution in the travel sector.

put Motivate and ofo together, apart from sharing single platform, the two represents the two economic logic, the former from products and services to meet the connection, the latter is to meet the demand from the service connection product.

      "AdSense account in the best talk" mentioned in the text of a website: "the income estimation formula of website advertising revenue =" show the number of /1000*eCPM". Through this formula, we can see that the quality of the eCPM is directly related to the final site advertising revenue.

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      eCPM and

      high eCPM website or channel advertising, better combination, can give advertisers to bring a better return on investment, so as to bring you a higher income; and low eCPM, on the contrary, advertising, poor to advertisers to poor investment returns, resulting in the low income of the website.

      channel detection method is very important in advertising, while eCPM is a very important reference element. To learn how to detect the advertising effect according to the two data, and to improve the channel and advertising style.

      different channels will influence each other

      the price is to talk about Haojie click rate and

Following Uber,

      different channels will influence each other, the price and advertising. Low price channels will affect the price channel, so for as far as possible do not recommend Haojie advertising in the effect of poor website. Effect of advertising, refers to the influence of other channels on a single account will be the main channel.