nowadays, more and more enterprises and individuals have the demand for websites, and more and more people are engaged in web. The size of each station, the company and the studio are mixed and confused. Want to survive, do not blindly seek customers and brag, need to analyze the market and find a foothold. Learn from each other and build your own selling point.

I’ve been dreaming of making 100 dollars a day, but I’ve never thought of doing it.

other website companies, usually run websites or advertising companies, receive the website construction list to do, and can not complete their own outsourcing to Witkey or studio, this type should be more.

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first talk about the most competitive and market prospects of intelligent station. Although now a lot of intelligent station, the name "typing will do website" slogan, but I think most of the intelligent station is not intelligent. Intelligent station to comply with a the replacement of a key templates and website content does not change without losing two website free to modify the content of their own or column mode definition three page module free add / modify / move four you can customize / modify the CSS file. Intelligent building site market prospects are very good, that is, higher development costs, but the late maintenance costs are very low only the need to provide new templates and server space, but the customer is perennial rely on Intelligent station company.

‘s asleep. I hope there’s a good start tomorrow.

yesterday evening, my brother and I tried to force the cry, this is the third time since grandma died, and his girlfriend broke up after the cry, I cry so many years so disappointing, after a good cry, really, really very relaxed.

for customer advantages: initial cost is low, long-term calculation is not low; easy maintenance. Disadvantages: be set up by the intelligent station company". Custom feature pages need stronger support to meet individual requirements.

I finally know that I’m really lazy and can’t stick to anything. Although I insist on standing, I can’t stand. A basic day, an idea. A day change program, in this way, consumed day by day. Time is wasted, money is lost.

for intelligent construction company: the initial development costs are high, and later maintenance costs relative to the income and profit space is great; only the development of a large number of templates, and customers do not need to exchange manuscripts, improve efficiency. Explore more powerful features, support, expansion of plug-in platforms, open template design, allowing Internet users to participate.

now send this article, is a new starting point, from the,,, now I don’t mind too much, don’t think what a day to earn 100 dollars I am not greedy, love money, but I’m doing this thing at home does not work. So maybe you’re doing the right thing to make some extra money, and I’m not, so I’m under a lot of pressure.

wrote so much, if brothers do stand in the process will be sad, write together, write out, everything is good.

I had a plan, I one day earn not 100, I work for 1 months, or 2 months, a day income of a dollar? I used to waste of time wasted, Jinbuhuan, return of the prodigal son, what’s the big deal.. With the income of one dollar a day start, but also worry about the future development do not you say?.

has been in contact with HTML since the beginning of 01 years and has now been 7 years old. From a hobby, to now no longer work, do a professional SOHO family. However, over the years, a collection of the largest single block is 100.

I don’t know, see this article you lose money to do a station every day, or every day to earn more than 100 yuan extra money? I’m not in the web site to make money, is not the cause of IP, but did not insist.

has said to himself for so many years, "as long as you insist, there is nothing to do, but I have not insisted on it.". So we can’t make much money at all. Now I’m at home, no income, the site no longer do, ADSL fees are out of the parents. Not to mention how much a day earned.

is actually more of a small company or personal studio. A personal studio is more suitable to create personalized website, let a person look after can leave a deep impression, it should be more foreign designers to learn, but most workers always put their personal website to build the very atmosphere and boast too. I think you should create their own characteristics, personal studio website not necessarily designed "how much money, how awesome the establishment of the company", to grasp the characteristics of their own, personal studio can be compared to the rigid blog, website, blog and make people feel closer, more personalized. If blogs are popular, they can increase trust and more customer base.

professional large network company, the company expenses, of course fees are high, this company is not much, see the many site of the company website, motionless that dozens of people, hundreds of thousands of customers nearly million. But there are very few works and real cases. This kind of company doesn’t survive well. Usually large websites have their own programmers.

domestic websites, like mobile phones, are always happy

to write this article, the first is poured out their bitterness, Twentieth advise those who do stop thinking about big money, brother, don’t worry, one day you will be Robin Li second, have a beginning, there will be good results, I believe this evening to say Khan, 1:30.