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: small program development language and development tools are limited to WeChat, as native App free; if the company depends heavily on a small program, once the project is a problem being micro envelope off, need to re write native App; small program volume limit 1M, the experience of many small procedures, the biggest Chen Xi the feeling is that they are not simple function, push, and some App should be rich, simple but is chicken ribs; especially, a small program is not a user’s access to channels, unable to enjoy the flow of dividends, it is unable to share to my circle of friends, that is to go can not retain users, or even fuzzy search.

"I studied for a few days and then decided to give up."." Chen Xi told Sina technology. From entry to quitting, this is a major part of the second week of new year’s development for many small program developers.

Yi explained that the team had previously discussed application scenarios too small program, "small program at this stage is to create the basic line, not too many benefits of online App. After all, we are a small team, in order to save the development of resources, it was evacuated, there is no such deep, complex reasons." But his other words may summarize the meaning of a program — small small program is a great product, the future of the business community will not be lower than the Chinese pull WeChat to pay, but not a scene can cover all products.

Chen Xi alias is a software and hardware combination of IT company employees. On the day of WeChat’s small program, he was arranged to study the new product of the social tycoon embedded in 800 million active users. At first he was going to write a logistics project in small programs.

recently, this picture of Luo Zhenyu is a fire.


Zhao Jiamu will be small program tasteless summed up as 6 points: 1. Functionally, the applet is a weakened version of App; 2. From the design point of view, small procedures comply with WeChat unified template; 3. From the promotion point of view, two-dimensional code and social points

Many reasons behind the

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why did they leave this seemingly fat market,

is a product from the known users @ Zhao Jiamu also expressed a similar view, "these days are around the" small program idiotic powder ‘bad."

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program on-line two weeks all have tried, want to try, the developers have given up common questions – small procedures applicable to what scene? What they create business value to the company? And the initial enthusiasm decline, who in the use of small program? How to use the

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from Luo Zhenyu’s tone, many people read some shady interests, people began to wonder what exactly is Luo Zhenyu deliberately conceal the small program secret? Sina Technology to the logic of thinking about, the logic of thinking gives a co-founder of Tsing Yi answer: "ha ha ha ha, that is he in a group."


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