we all know, many things are not the truth, it applies only to a certain period of time, in this period of time it is a very good reasons, but after this time, it will be a mistake. Make your website bigger, then consider your profit. That’s the point. Because:

2009, for some friends, a lot of unpleasantness might have happened. But it is the baptism of the disaster that brings new opportunities. If you can seize the opportunity in 2010, I believe you are successful.

• early Internet competition is not fierce, now the Internet industry is becoming more and more competitive. The sooner you are entering China, the easier it is to get the biggest market share at a lower cost. That is, everybody

there is another point, with the reduction of grassroots Adsense, click advertising money industry, will gradually become formal. From the past that easy to close down, liar, do not pay the bad impact will gradually decrease, followed by a number of formal professional web site mainstream. For example, the 58 ad mission network, the recent traffic has repeatedly risen, but also illustrates the fact. As a result, the industry that clicks on advertising will be more prosperous and more newcomers will be involved.

a lot of friends, before making a website, want to be very, very simple, because they have such an idea: first make the site bigger, and then consider profit. This idea may be mentioned, many people are still very senior network identity, because many of these successful cases can take years to prove this concept, such as SOHU, Sina, NetEase, and other major portals, they initially do not thought about how to make money, just want to expand the site, then really earn a lot of money. But Wang Tong believes that if you use this idea to make a website, your chances of success will be very, very small. You might ask why,

• the Internet has not been the biggest trend in the current economic development: grasp the big trend, make big money, grasp the small trend, make a small profit. At the end of the last century, the Internet was the biggest trend in ten years. For the original website, they grasp the trend, as long as the undead, after the money is in the affirmative, so they don’t have the energy to consider how to make money, to consider just how good the first commercial website www.hngwyw and how to attract more people’s attention. Now, the Internet is still a very big trend of development, but it has gradually matured, more and more people, more and more fierce competition, is no longer the biggest trend of development.

the most important thing is, there will be many IDC enterprises closed down, so when you choose IDC enterprise, must pay attention to, choose more brand site, otherwise it may be more harm than good.

sites, because everyone wants to use the site to help themselves make money. However, want the website to help their money is not too easy, a few years, I studied many silent money website, also did a lot of research to spend a lot of energy but still not profitable website. If your site is not making money now, if you want to make a profitable website, read this list of articles:

More and more

secondly, e-commerce will become another mainstream. Ma Yun once said that the next few years, will be the era of e-commerce. Indeed, as people gradually understand the network, and the Internet has low cost, good efficiency advantage, there must be a lot of strength of the owners, the influx of e-commerce industry, e-commerce will gradually into people’s daily life.

• originally can rely on venture capital to feed themselves, and now can only rely on themselves to support themselves: a paper plan can melt into a lot of money, and VC shares accounted for very little. But now it’s gone. VCs don’t give you money because of your simple dream, and you try to make it happen. So you start your website and feed yourself on your own. Venture capital to do your own thing, but also your own web site when you start making small money, venture capital can give you investment.

in addition, the personal station will be gradually reduced, so some grassroots Adsense advertising alliance will also gradually disappear. This is perhaps a reshuffle of the network community, he brought about by the impact of the network will gradually make money to become standardized, professional, team road. Therefore, sesame here to remind you, should start gradually looking for partners, began to build their own team, personal strength is, after all, relatively limited.

one reason: the profit model is not clear enough,

finally, I wish you a happy new year, good luck in everything! I also remember the Olympic Station, www.58task to see it, and make the flow of advertising alliance click, is to do a little advertising, don’t be a stranger.

first of all, as the country’s gradual tightening of the network, it is bound to decide, in 2010, will be the era of Taobao. First of all, we do Taobao, no need to worry about the risk of sh419 K station, and secondly, Taobao’s legitimacy can also be guaranteed, nor need to worry about the headache for the filing, servers, domain names and so on. We will be fully committed to profitability, because if you have the intention to do Taobao, you need to accelerate the pace of Superman step.