Apple mobile phone using the "hunger marketing", which is similar to millet mobile phone marketing approach. Before iPhone 5, Apple products listed on the world showing a unique propagation curve: Conference – listing date announced – wait – listed News – queuing overnight – officially on sale – stock – cattle prices across the board. Although high performance and high price >

have outstanding talents, but also has the world’s leading technology research and development, although this technique is most not by Apple’s independent research and development, but it is undeniable that the technology for apple to hand really able to carry forward. In the use of the technology of Apple products, Xerox Palo Oddo research center plays a very important role, many of its technology pioneer has become a Apple Corp creative source, and obtained a great success. Technically, apple uses a copy + innovation mode, such as Apple’s iPod technology is actually a copy of Samsung’s MP3, but with the music download function so that consumers can easily download legitimate music, not only let iPod become a selling point, also let apple have considerable profit. Technology is easy to go beyond, and demand is easy to change. Apple’s secret is to lead change by integrating resources, and to accumulate competitive advantage in the process.

two, about technology

three, about selling

for millet mobile phone, the biggest selling point on its technology should be the first dual core technology, which uses Qualcomm 1.5GHz dual core processor, clocked at speed about 2 times faster than the general single core mobile phone, which is self millet mobile phone, mobile phone began to turn to the development of multi-core technology from the original single nuclear era, the mobile phone has to the development of the quad core, can say, millet mobile phone to lead a new trend of development of multi-core mobile phone.


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someone once said, "millet is an apple of China.". Although there is a deviation, but review the history of millet and apple, both of them belong to "do not take the road" of the sudden emergence of success. A careful analysis of their path to success may give us a message and a guide to the struggling technology companies.


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originally created Apple executives are some of the large technology company executives, and is due to technical reasons and suggestions have not been adopted by the company to follow Jobs to the Apple Corp, including the technology giant IBM and American supermarket chain target, none of the world’s top industry experts, they follow Jobs and a hand Apple Corp will build into today’s global high-tech companies and gain huge profits. And millet, at the beginning of the establishment of only a small team led by Lei Jun, and a well-known Internet Co, compared with other domestic start-up companies and technology companies, the growth of millet can be said that there is no talent advantage.

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