professional forum, the general is to look for the answer or provide answers to some questions, but no one answered, if cash members will be positive stimuli presumably, Chinese doubt guest is such a website. After the application, the ID is registered with the code through the proprietary extension code, which generates a royalty of 10% and is permanent as soon as the consumer is generated. Basic and suspected guest website income sharing.

Details of tucked into a pocket

"that once I directly beat the table, Ma Delong recalls, pull hook’s early years he and Xu just in a meeting on the strategic business development problem has caused serious analysis," I put forward PC, mobile, HTML5 and WeChat four business direction, but Xu just cut in half, it was really very angry."

is now a BBS friend, mostly rely on advertising alliance, or web game money, but I want to recommend is the suspect China, a question and answer way Witkey website.

financing exposure: 25 million

Xu just explained, then pull hook nets in the early days, there will be trade-offs in the financial market and energy resources are extremely limited circumstances. After a heated argument, the three founders finally reached a consensus and postponed plans for the mobile terminal and the H5 business. It is precisely because the original promise focus and concentrate solely on, only today’s pull hook net.

new venture story: not afraid to shoot table

then I own forum to be able to carry out such Witkey service? China doubt guest is completely independent development, is not the traditional sense of the forum, users can only generate transactions between the one-way communication mode is not suitable, this forum. More professional respondents get together to attract people with a lot of questions. The ID you recommend is more likely to generate consumer spending. And now to the webmaster commission ratio is 10%, and website share Commission income. If your recommended user transaction volume is relatively high, you can even raise it alone, which is more than you should start from scratch.

so my membership will drain? China network doubt guest only provides a trading platform, the students do not have the discussion forum, because the man who answered each other is not the answer, but also unable to communicate, can only exchange between the reward and the answer of the question. So your members only need to use him when they publish tasks or undertake tasks. The usual discussion or exchange is still in your original forum and will not affect the stickiness of your forum. It will only increase, because there will be a release of related tasks in your forum.

finally give you the suspect’s China website www.ekecn, you have time to look at, what do not understand, you can contact customer service advice.

today, the network of mobile terminal products not yet on line. Ma Delong believes that, because looking for work is a short-term behavior, the reduction of the rate of opening will lead directly to a significant decline in user activity, can not enter the first screen of mobile phone APP can qualitative death. On the other hand, considered from the point of view, the mobile terminal is an inevitable trend, but the market is not mature, user education is a long process, "pioneer" in a close call.

news August 20th, the era of entrepreneurship and investor Xu Xiaoping, the three founders of the network is writing a new story: the distance partner announced in March A round of financing only after half a year, the network announced the completion of $25 million B round of financing, valuation has more than $150 million.

during the start

"the problem most startups are out of control because of the direction of the problem, as an entrepreneurial team, the dream can be magnified when contradiction is in, and then you will find that the short-run and direction of confusion become less important, the vision is to always maintain the entrepreneurial mentality." Ma Delong said.

in addition, the Internet recruitment industry does not belong in the mobile terminal independent separation form, PC extends to the mobile terminal when it will be more natural and smooth. Therefore, when the market is mature enough, it is more feasible to use the mobile terminal to provide more extended services for users. Ma Delong said, pull hook is expected to launch their products in the mobile terminal.

the network B round of financing led by Qiming venture investment, Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund with investment, and the latter 3 at the end of this year officially led pull hook net A $5 million round of financing.

if your forum belonging to the nature of this area can try such promotion, so as to improve the enthusiasm of the members of the forum to answer questions enhance activity, on the other hand increased the income of the forum.

and most of the entrepreneurial team, the founder of the team early pull hook online line also experienced differences. As a standard Internet company, the efficiency of the driving force of pull hook very seriously, we solve the problem of the most direct way is to close the door to fight, but the differences will be resolved quickly, out of the house to perform."