I am an ordinary in the ordinary but 80, no education, no background, no eloquence, no effort. In the beginning, only in a factory as an ordinary staff to make a living. A few years of work found no save what money, to know the monthly income is more than 1 thousand, minus some expenses, a year can save much money? Even the boss to raise wage is 100 years, do a few years or a job is more than a few hundred block. When is this day,


remember there is a saying: to get rich, run business. Because the business income is not capped, as long as you have the ability, and in the factory, your wages are basically fixed, can not see a little hope. So, I decided that the young always have to work hard, decided to do business.

‘s first job is to send leaflets at the gym, it is good to say that the fitness consultant, the actual distribution of leaflets is to pull the customer to do a fitness card. Remember, one day I opened 3 cards, commission income over a thousand, in the heart very happy. You know you can do it for a month at the factory. But not every day can be. For a while, my colleagues went to the gym in batches, he said, now the gym is not good, only the new gym to do. Because I came near, so I did not leave, thinking about where are the same. However, over half a month before I open a card, they think that is right, this is a good comparison with my colleagues call me, let me go to them, I say, repeat over time, because there is now a group purchase customers talk. After more than a month, the group did not talk about the customer down, they give me a call, I did not hesitate to go.

went to a strange city, a new gym, and a group of colleagues who had worked together to start a new life.

did not do a few months, I heard they have to change the place, because they are old oil fields, know the new gym is easier to do. Business is not good to do, the boss invited him to work together with colleagues to give us training, I heard that he was doing a small gym performance doubled. After that, he will be here every day to give us an early meeting, to enhance our morale, not to mention, really effective Oh! After the training, we like the wolf, go out to pull the customer. The second day, he came to our training, how to do face-to-face consultative sales, the first step, the second step, the tenth step. Everyone is taking notes carefully. The third day, he gave us a CD player, a listen to, with the CD inside the same. It turned out that he was just one step ahead of us, more than we know.

I began to realize the importance of learning, that period of time, the company under the road in the construction, a lot of places are surrounded, the business is more and more bad to do, just, and made an earthquake. I think it’s time for me to leave and find a place to study.

at that time, the most fire, the number of students to learn the success of Chen Anzhi, Chen Anzhi said he was also because the teacher listened to a