when I received the manager a domestic communications company phone, said a year to provide server and funds promised to let me do Chinese 81 network (http://s.www.5281.cn), so I don’t worry about life, I almost tears. The first time I told my wife about it. I started serving in the army in the military network website, by leaving the army for two years, and on the Internet website, do my Chinese 81 network, 2 years I sometimes work and sometimes does not work, because do not have a stable income, or even eat a meal hunger meal, with my wife one year old child, and I never abandon. How can I not tell her the good news first?.

military website, once inside the first

network literature

I graduated from the military academy in early 2000 and was assigned to an automation station of Guangzhou military area command. Although every day will not speak to the computer, but because of the military network, but also feel particularly exciting barracks days, and later I would like to do their own website on the army. Because I love literature, I found that the army did not have a literary website online, decided to build a literary website.

at that time, site or static based, but I want to make a dynamic and comrades exchange of the site, which for me at that time, it is really "big girl on the car – the first time", can only fumble. Learn while making a hard edge. But no one around you can ask, in order to do dynamic web site, I called many units, ask them about the server configuration and website production. Sometimes ask a unit to ask more, oneself still don’t understand, sorry to ask again, call to another unit to ask. In this way, by the end of 2001, a dynamic website had been successfully established. At the same time, our army’s first original literary website, "army network banyan", was officially opened, and a net name for ourselves was "floating clouds"".

from then on, the network of rivers and lakes more than one called "floating clouds" heroes

At the beginning of the

, no one knew our website, and the click rate was poor, so I had to go ‘pull the head’. I log on to all websites and fill in all the BBS forums. I invite people to sit down under the banyan tree. And as long as someone contributed to the submission of the tree, I immediately began to modify and polish comments, but also repeatedly praised. "Guided consumption" really worked, and the saplings I planted grew day by day.

military network banyan under the positioning is to support the original literature, the officers and soldiers think, want, love, hate, here can freely shed, vent. This is a platform for exchanging ideas and feelings, and for the spiritual family of the fighters. After nearly 6 years of efforts, the military network banyan has become the army’s largest and most famous literary network, was "warrior newspaper", "Liberation Army Literature and art", "military culture world" and other publications repeatedly reported.

left the army and founded China eight