what is site orientation?The so-called

site location is the site of what role in the Internet, to the target group (visitors) to convey the core concept of what, what kind of role to play through the website; therefore, website localization is quite essential, in other words, the website is the website of the localization strategy, and the site structure, content, performance and so on these site location, site location directly determines the size of the site and prospect.

The importance of

site positioning.

has a good saying, "the superiority is mediocre in the whole, and is lost in the excess."". We see too many webmaster readme, began to do stand for large, perfection. Because the individual is doing, after all, it is difficult to become a portal, so the last person busy, exhausted, physically and mentally exhausted. Do what you want, but you can’t do anything.

and think about Google, his idea is "one thing to the extreme", focused on the search, so the search has been very successful. See Admin5 again, stationmaster station, there are many about stationmaster, also be not what do, he is dedicated to information and trade. So it’s hot now. Laggards, who used to be free resources, now focus on Web building and code. They are examples of pinpoint positioning.

site positioning notes

, do not blindly blame, see many websites and forums, the column is complete, a screen to pull a few pages is not over, can not wait to search the Internet, you can think of all the columns is put up, users entered into the information ocean, don’t know what you want in what position furthermore, a person is difficult to update, updated every day dozens of articles is many, the average can be assigned to each column and how much is the site, or update the consequences or rarely, insufficient information.

two, not too much of the pursuit of new technology. Some technical webmaster, anxious to put all the technology on the Internet, JavaScript, AJAX, Web 2, page fancy, do not know where.

three, do special. Samsung’s success lies in the white-collar bourgeoisie, Baidu post success, is to grasp the students. Personal property is missing personal websites, but should focus on the advantages of the main attack after a subdivision of the target group. For example, if you want to do a forum, the national Internet users included, and pictures, movies, music, jokes seem to be grabbed, ages, but no feature, also cannot be gathered popularity. On the contrary, if you put in the forum as a special group to provide services, such as a forum for love, hip-hop storytelling people do a forum for storytelling, then love dance, your forum members, linfe.

four, only do you have a profound understanding of the content. If you don’t understand storytelling, storytelling network certainly not you do it to impress those storytelling enthusiasts, if you do not understand the street.