after more than a year to do stand career, do stand to make money, it is very difficult, a coalition of more than one, deduction amount than a worse, earn money every day to help others, I hang a horse, had done a pop, Google a month to earn $3000, but who can guarantee that tomorrow you stand for 100du to seal it, who can be sure your tomorrow is bright, do stand just want to make a station, to eat good, of course, to earn some money to be better, but the world has become depressed, want to the sexy photos of pennies, the police came, the website linked to it, ask the gods, O Guan Gong, website again, advertising all removed, to maintain life that brine also finished, so I shock.

keep the last breath, back before the great ideal, I want to own the station filled the entire server, once I want to make myself stand to do 100du 100W included (I want to cover it, once difficult) I want to own the station as a career to fight fair, as long as there is perseverance, I can do it. (there is nothing as long as you dare to climb) but I was wrong.

station is good, earn good money, nice, no traffic, stay is often, instant noodles is no money to buy.

girlfriend is support, two days is to be divided, so I’m disappointed, I want to stay away from, the site wants to sell, I want to change careers, life is difficult, good standing more difficult, make a money station difficult.

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