Every day to see a lot of

webmaster experience in ADMIN5, especially some like me grassroots webmaster, a program is not the basis of the small station can be profitable in the Internet industry, so I want to apply my experience to share with everyone.

with the development of China’s Internet, for a little program based webmaster, personal station becomes more and more easy, online money making is becoming more and more easy. Buy a domain name, space, online next procedure, now added to the record, so simple procedures, a station can visit, you can play their own ideas, online to make money.

with the deepening of the network, the continuous understanding of the network, it is inevitable to start thinking about how to profit. As long as we go through careful analysis and patience to study, we will find many opportunities.

take my station: good Shanxi travel network (www.haoshx.cn) as an example.

first, I am very optimistic about the market potential of tourism in Shanxi, so I went online looking for a program to construct their own tourism website, because of the online SEO website can not master too much, has been ranked the front, unless it is a particularly long time old station site, and there must be rich the website information can be ranked in the front, how can I do a small station in front of it.

like most webmaster, I stand in front of Baidu is a period of time, for a period of time had disappeared, I was very depressed, how can this do? No ranking means no flow, no gains. Later it is a chance, I came into contact with the hotel where, I have increased their hotel booking procedures, to make my later travel website a get out of hand, I will not look at Baidu’s face, ha ha.

specific steps, you can see my article: tourism website under the financial crisis, a way of making money.

now tell my propaganda methods, the method is dead, people are alive, I hope we draw inferences from others,


1. suggested that everybody has its own independent website home page, create a folder in your hotel site, so you download the source code directly to hotel you can put it in the hotel folder, as long as your web page weight is high enough, then not a month, your hotel page included more than 1000, or even 10000 there is not a dream. You will enjoy it, monthly sitting every day can also come in search through some of the long tail word, the logical order is! So here suggest you the best use of the weights of the website.

2., on the basis of the first approach, we all know that we want to know the answer to the question, and now know that answer generation connection is fundamentally impossible. So suggest that you can go to search questions, answer questions. Search ask the question is still very good, we can answer questions according to the questioner carefully answer. This >