nine days of originality: talk about the operation of county portals five years of experience

1. Opportunities for development

recently, many webmaster asked me, nine days, you said the county seat portal in 2011 is the best way to operate, and do the benefits and prospects of the county portal?. Since 2006 has been engaged in the county portal research and development, operation, publicity and promotion, this house for 5 years, the Internet is three down three up 5 years, and in 2011 only want to tell this group of passionate young entrepreneurs, the county investment portal this year is the most good opportunity, don’t hesitate the big city, because the portal to the development of a bottleneck, the number of sites, fierce competition, and the county people’s awareness of Internet is mature, is the golden period of the construction of the portal site, do not delay or delay, transient opportunities. Earlier construction of the county portal webmaster all know a few years ago, the profit is very difficult, basically is losing money earned crying, mainly because of the immature environment caused by the low level of Internet users, users and businesses, network advertising awareness has not been established, leading to profit is very difficult, and now all the external environment is mature, the network has been basically popularized in the county, so be sure to hold this one not easily won the opportunity in the development of Internet and real estate are similar, good returns project. Many large property companies are now turning to the two or three tier cities. In a word: money, people stupid, speed, town portal has been to the sound and rapid development of the history of the best period of stride forward singing militant songs.

two, program selection

is now a lot of famous sites are a portal program version, including the famous discuzX2, DEDECMS, phpwind, PHP168 and so on, but I recommend you choose the mainstream program, select discuz and DEDECMS personal recommendation of the two procedures, because the use of a good, convenient, stable, more users, the problems encountered each other exchanges, common solutions. A lot of my website for five years has been the two mainstream program based on the kernel development two times and do, to make it more suitable for the Internet browsing habits, and the interface is more fresh, more perfect function, users reflect the feeling is very good, we recommend the use of. But I do not recommend direct download, use these two procedures, but should do two development, make the interface more beautiful, function more powerful. Of course, PHPWIND webmaster would like to refute me, this is no way, I personally feel comfortable with it, here is not a discussion. Turnip greens, all have love.

three, publicity


portal is an old topic, but the promotion is constantly updated, if you still use the QQ group, paste ads, distribute leaflets, combined with DM and so on conventional propaganda way, you are old, it is the main way 2 years ago, now only do a supporting role. Because there are too many flyers now, many pedestrians simply do