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Hengxun desktop video game

Hengxun desktop video game — combining software games and interactive lighting technology perfect Hengxun video desktop game by hanging on the ceiling of the projection equipment to image onto the desktop, gorgeous gorgeous picture of the game, use the body touch technology, game player can directly interact with the virtual scene on the desktop screen or hand pat body the action and the use of projection screen.

Hengxun desktop video game technology using motion capture technology, through a combination of data analysis of game player action in the game, the game needs to abandon the past, the inconvenience to the rocker button, game player brings a new experience.

Hengxun video summarizes all of their experiences. To create the most suitable for the national market, the product – constant sound and video desktop games, leading any other desktop projection game. Hengxun video desktop game agents nationwide popular in recruitment, because each region, cities and counties have only recruit a limited number of places, as agents, agents, all products in the area of exclusive agency, the other night can only be purchased from the agent.

cooperation Hengxun video desktop game gives full rights to the company agents, a guide price, the specific price according to the local actual situation, floating down by agents.

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