as the saying goes, the concept of a changed world wide, the Internet is even more so, in recent years, I and ladder a lot of friends by writing articles, comments and other forms of exchange and sharing, has a lot of innovation to develop and lead the concept, it is no exaggeration to say, directly or indirectly, to make an indelible contribution to the Chinese internet.

yesterday promised that if these days no new list for every day to write something to share with you today, occasionally leisure, write down some of their own ideas about changing some feelings, and the ladder net friends to share from the "cons" today, talking about unfavorable factors. What is not generally considered good stuff, not afraid, but in fact, unfavorable factors is a stepping stone to success, is the failure of a stumbling block, many successful people are finding opportunities from unfavorable factors, the unfavorable factors become successful.

although hao123 example said ten million times, but this time with this typical example, I hope you will be easier to understand, not to see my article, but also looking for information everywhere, ha ha. Li Xingping hao123 was an Internet cafe administrator, the primary problem facing the rookie to do so every day be pestered beyond endurance, a simple navigation page, he would not think of those users facing him, in fact, is the epitome of the whole Chinese users, is the entire Internet demand in a small town in Internet cafes in the holographic image, so this small part of his creation, meet people, but also to meet the full Chinese primary users.

this is an example of the adverse factor that turns into a favorable one,

ladder was founded before, Wang Yihui had often and Internet entrepreneurs exchange, then we want to start, but there is a big disadvantage, all China have theory and knowledge system to guide, everyone is at a loss, including the US, who do not know the water depth is shallow, the stones indeed, but a lot of the time you can not touch the stone, no one to do, I do, and from that moment, I began painstaking research and practice site business plan and operation in the law, and step by step, with the support of everyone to come today. Later, in our influence, more people, more teams, more sites involved in this field, more people benefit, more people can rationally grasp the Internet entrepreneurial rhythm.

says these words mean that the negative factors may actually contribute to your greater success.

The unfavorable factors in entrepreneurship is

coming to you if you run the Stonehenge, and against, will be smashed to do on the ground, the power of the boulder, for me, this is Tai Chi, China wisdom, is leveraging the power, force of 42 pounds, the boulder energy use.

, for example, some time ago, an original website has been pirated, copied, miserable, I had communication with the site leader, and planning a few programs.

at that time, the net >