as Taobao’s volume of transactions continues to increase, so that the webmaster friends to see a market, that is, the city shopping and shopping industry. Shopping in the same city is in the same city transactions, industry shopping is an electronic product or some kind of clothing products.

in 2009, I was also involved in the e-commerce industry. Want to build a local city shopping network. Then 18. I’m 9. Reported N’s dream. Imagine that the market has not been discovered. But in the end, I found I was wrong. As somebody said. A market, no one to do, or this market has not been found, there is a possibility that this market can not work.

then search the site for the site of the program. At that time, I knew the webmaster of the lake help shopping network. He recommended the ECMALL program to me. By virtue of your basic knowledge of HTML code. Slowly began to fumble, and the program space all ready, began on-line. Because of a 18. A boy of 9. No funds, no resources. So now think, success is inevitable. Because of the update of ECMALL program, more and more people want to do the city shopping network, so there are a large number of XX, Taobao or XXX mall, and finally I know. XX Taobao’s nomenclature is infringement.

at that time, I built the website name is " Anhui Taobao " in order to promote my network, I want all the methods. Baidu Knows。 Baidu Post Bar。 There’s also a big video site. But not bad. One month to PR3, after three months of development. The website has a certain membership. But it didn’t make a profit. Because there is no profit model, advertising fees? No one to advertise. Low flow. Seller’s shop rent. Are some small personal sellers. Collect money and they don’t play on your site. Merchant transaction fee. Many people passed the platform. Buyers, sellers, good contact after the line. I’m going to Taobao. So there’s no profit model for this station. Put it here all the time. I’m helpless, too. At that time went to stationmaster net, looking for post personnel. One team says they can post. Say you are a professional team post. Relatively fast. Good prices were then discussed. I think the post should not be how much money?. Because of the post, in the short run, these ads will certainly be removed by other webmaster. Just at this hour. Tragedy is coming!


at night. Contact me at the post office. Tell me the post is ready. 500 yuan. It didn’t scare me at all. I said you score, too. Just a couple of days. Where has the post been finished so soon?. After that they said no excuses, throw me a word: " we are professional posting team, do not give money, we will go to the big websites to scold you! "

so, curse my post over the various webmaster forums, imagine the webmaster friends want to through the website of famous, and make a name for myself, I’ll never be famous, too terrible, I decided to go to the forum to explain. The more the explanation, the worse the explanation. And the webmaster comes out