Comment in the Chinese explanation is the comment, comment the meaning for the comments we should all know, now the blog WordPress, popular CMS, have a comment function, increase website comments, but also in order to better interact, better meet the search engine, here is that if you are careful, then comments the most awesome flow of resources, especially in the comments section are targeted, which is completely correlation. If you can leave your footprint in the comment column, then the equivalent to a fully correlated single link (if no nofollow can output weights), as can be imagined, what an awesome. So, Yangzhou SEO here to talk about how to make comments, messages, if left footprints,


1. Comment user name registration


1, the registered user name comment a lot kind column can be registered, you can select the keyword register, but remember, if the URL of the column must be added, here is that, if you have time, so it is best to add all your data, careful investment of your time that you pay more attention to this column.


site user name registration: site name registration is the best way, as long as the comment can use web site registration, so strongly recommend web site registration, even if is the other side of the comment column with nofollow, so our website user registration is also increase backlinks Baidu for Baidu. For the reverse link Baidu to explain here, with the number of comparison, if Baidu your link is 100, others are 20000, so be sure that you have no Baidu keyword ranking backlinks you hundreds of times ranking good, so for the comment column even if we do in front of the opponent no weight output, then we must strive to Baidu link.

two, how to deal with comments column

1, read: reading other articles carefully, not only can we learn a lot of knowledge, can also find themselves in writing or their own lack of knowledge, can be very good for the other articles of speech. Strictly speaking, from the perspective of SEO you read other articles not only each other to bring PV IP to each other but also brought traffic time, so if it is wise to SEO, he will give you room to play, Lirenliji, this is a wise approach seo.

2, a reasonable comment: if from the heart of art, no matter who love praise, so we try to comment on the language section of the commendable way, if you have different opinion, it is recommended that you send email to tell each other or otherwise, of course to suggest starting from the point of view, a good reminder

, friendship!

3, active interaction: review column is originally an interactive column, take time to read, comment, but also take time to each other