whole line of brand promotion (mainly to improve the user’s good experience on the site):

Redesign of

1 site UI,

(1) clear column boundaries.

(2) color is smooth and should not adopt close colors such as Alibaba, HC, or rival competitors, such as Alibaba’s tangerine, HC’s fire red, and sky blue of China building materials network.

(3) page as a unified style, do not like the current home like asymmetry of left and right columns.

2 website for ease of use construction:

The ease of use of the

site is largely a simplification of the site’s operating procedures, including:

(1) only provide some required column registration details, try to provide guidance to.

The simplicity of

(2) product release.

(3) detail detailed help information including the operating problems of (by customers in the operation process encountered this problem, system settings automatically send error information or provide feedback channel allows users to submit to the accumulation of


3 site good boot construction

site good boot construction, including:

(1) related to the content of the guide: if users browse products supply and demand information page, can provide other enterprises related product information and related links information of the product, and the product of the popular tags, links can be the keyword search results or the classification, and if the supply of information is provided through the pages relevant information, links should also supply information is returned.

(2) classification and related keyword Guide: if the user in the browse a classification list of each information related information, the relevant information can be added to the relevant classification and user settings or close to this message the keyword.

Uniqueness of functional services on

4 website

The unique feature of

web services is that it allows websites to replicate each other in the current pattern, the environment that stands out:

(1) buying information about the website is open to the free customers, such as developing the purchase information three months or 100 days ago, so that more users can come back and collect our website.

(2): the integral system of Web site function to collect fees, payment of membership can be used directly, free members can contribute to the information website to get points, through the use of some function points to exchange fees. The contribution of the information can be each made of a supply information how much reward, a reward for information on the number of points, a number of awards products and so on, it’s like the war followed the same reason.