since 2005, the video sharing website has mushroomed everywhere in our country, and has formed many websites with strong own characteristics. But it is undeniable that such websites have encountered difficulties while they are developing rapidly.

trapped in

1. bad competition. First of all, the fight for venture capital; secondly, some video sites in order to increase traffic to attract users, placed erotic violence content to earn click through rate.

2. licensing dispute. By the end of 2007, the relevant departments of the state issued the "Regulations" management regulations of Internet audio-visual program service, video website company for the state-owned holding or wholly state-owned, and engage in Internet audio-visual program service enterprises must obtain a license issued by the Department of broadcasting and television. The involvement of the new policy has made it difficult for profitable sites to turn their heads around in response to more pressing pressures from regulators and the law.

3. infringement. Some websites are full of various methods of ignoring or ignoring copyright content and playing edge ball. However, with the standardization of the intellectual property rights system, this "Ray" will eventually detonate. Copyright and content, it is the life and death line of video website.

4. burn pain. In the United States well-known video sharing network Youtube successfully married into the rich Google commercial myth stimulated, in 2005 the number of video sites in China once reached more than 200. But in the absence of a clear profit model and sufficient funds to support, the huge amount of technical maintenance costs almost exhausted all financing. Coupled with the risk from the policy, so that since January this year, 50% of investment in small and medium-sized video sites began to stagnate or even withdraw investment, more investors in wait-and-see.

5. risk of attack. In recent years, traditional strength websites such as Sina and Baidu have launched broadband services. They have entered the network video by signing a strategic cooperation agreement with the television media. They not only obtain a large number of valuable video resources, but also easily avoid the risk of copyright. These get rid of the copyright burden of the portal, and the traditional television media video website, the video sharing websites before and after the formation of the attack force, which makes the emerging online video companies more difficult situation.

positioning and product model

domestic video sharing websites in the strict sense and no clear boundaries, although the site on their own position is different, however, in the analysis of the characteristics of morphology, the author thinks that can be grouped into two categories.

1. is positioned as a video platform (on behalf of websites: Youku, Tudou),

such sites to their positioning is an all encompassing video platform, both the film and television organizations to produce professional programs, but also no grassroots ordinary users of their own content. Good service and new technologies support a good user experience