2008, September, Xiamen Amoy shoes network, IT manager of the world invited to participate in the "new business environment in Hangzhou light company" special forum. At the forum site, e-commerce experts and scholars from various parts of the country are actively giving counsel on the future development and trends of e-commerce.

7 years, the U.S. dollar index fell from 121 yuan to 72 yuan, devaluation of 40%. In developing countries, the resources change into dollars, while the United States relies on the money printing machine to change the US dollar into creditor’s rights, which constantly damages the interests of the creditors. Nowadays, the competitive environment of Chinese enterprises is changing and the traditional manufacturing crisis is emerging. The market demands higher demand for Chinese enterprises, which must be changed from "working" to "self employment" in the United States and other Western countries. After the words of Mr. IT, the managing director of the world, Mr. Zhang Peng, the scene attracted a lot of controversy. Seizing the domestic market and increasing the proportion of consumption have become common propositions among the participants. From the export-oriented manufacturing industry to the domestic demand pan service industry, low price, high quality, large-scale service products will be a key point of development. Under the guidance of the national environment policy, with the advent of the Internet era, the high cost performance service created by e-commerce will play an irreplaceable role in stimulating domestic demand.

With the further deepening of the

forum, another guest was invited to have IT manager of the world famous reporter miss Li Li, Mr. Lining, aged Eslite CEO sporting goods company COO Mr. Guo Jianxin, vice president of Taobao Road, Dr. Peng, Giordano group chief information officer, Mr. Hou Tong and Mr. Zhang Aimin, prax. The speeches of several guests were better than one, but what attracted me most was the old man who did not read the manuscript from beginning to end. Because "VANCL" recently fry raise a Babel of criticism of advertising is overwhelming. It is easy to see from Mr. Lao’s speech that the ambition of every guest and the bright future of his future. VANCL in June 2007 to begin preparations, in October 18th officially launched operations. By July 2008, the third round of financing had been successfully completed. By September, sales reached 10000-15000 pieces per day, with a turnover rate of 30%. It’s hard to imagine the speed of development. After listening to this series of first-hand data, the author decided to B2C project "Amoy shoes net" out, consult Chen on the future development of ideas.

in the Zhejiang Hotel at the door, I asked Mr. B2C as old business platform to Amoy shoes shoe business, retail oriented, how the future development prospects? He said flatly, good prospects, but the development of a certain size, the profit rate is difficult to control. Especially not their own brands, rely on the agent to run the B2C enterprises, such as Dangdang, red child, Jingdong mall have encountered the same situation, the profit rate increased with the increase of the operating costs and competition decreased year by year. Customers choose to do their own brands, just want to circumvent such a phenomenon. When it comes to the topic of PPG quality, old mused, choose the largest and best managed supplier