Abstract: to some extent, watercress is when their actual the doings in mature products confirms a has tens of millions of users in the user activity began to decline, want to transition and new exploration and innovation, is a very painful and difficult.


I have a hobby. I like writing something "serious expressions" from time to time. During this time, I always easy to immerse yourself in a carefully worded state, for fear of what a description can not accurately express their thoughts and feelings, the often so easily become tedious.

such content, in the current Internet world, is undoubtedly non mainstream. In my impression, perhaps only in the middle of the early watercress will be a large number of such content.

and this time, I’m trying to talk about watercress.

would like to write the origin of watercress, is the recent emergence of two consecutive news about watercress –

two weeks ago, watercress APP updated version 3. In the completion of another big change style "facelift update", a group of watercress loyal users + watercress products employees began shouting: "I also watercress!"


went on for another week, four rumors from the rivers and lakes: 150 million dollars for the Jingdong and the controlling of watercress.


will make people learning — you know, when I started using Douban, I even haven’t heard of all Jingdong


said, the feeling is very clear: the once very tonal and sexy watercress, the sense of existence is getting weaker and weaker.


talking about watercress, which is a unique product in the Internet circle of china. It has its unique ethos, and it is one of the few products that have not succeeded in copying foreign products.

there are a lot of watercress, adhere to, for example, to do a slow company; for example, because that "everyone is the one and only" and insist not to classify users, therefore, watercress was born 11 years ago, never used any integral, membership and other common community operation tools; for example, adhere to all content in the community, the use of only five. Even the first song, even the figure does not let the paste; for example, to adhere to the concept of community autonomy, therefore watercress has never been a strong business driven company; for instance, resolutely not because of commercial pressure and reduce the user experience and the community atmosphere insist, even so to reject numerous waving money advertisers.

for many years, watercress has been like a spiritual Utopia on the Internet, which has earned it a lot of praise, admiration and support.

, but the most amazing thing is that watercress looks so ungrounded