because I operate a local classification information station in Linyi, a brief introduction of Linyi, Linyi has the largest logistics city, South Yiwu, North Linyi said, Linyi logistics wholesale is very developed. Because of their own and not in Linyi, so the local station promotion articles of particular interest, hope from promotion experience to learn some love for Linyi network promotion way, read so many articles, also feel good, not only for their own promotion, promotion.

experience in the promotion of many predecessors are worth me to learn, but look at the older articles, I also have some questions, of course, I do not deny the promotion experience, but with some doubt their own website promotion proposed, in question at the same time, expanding your mind, like some of the procedures here is not introduced, many of these articles can be used for reference. The following promotion methods are often mentioned by the webmaster, I put forward their own questions, I feel that writing these articles webmaster may not have done these:

1, the organization of local activities, which is almost all the local station promotion, leave for offline activities, can promote the website, I do not deny the importance of offline activities, but that should decide the line activities according to the development site, if your site has only two hundred members, popularity is not very high under the condition of doing line or move, I remain suspicious of the activities of the effect.

2, printing leaflets distributed in all the important sections, may have the effect, but the effect is also skeptical, once saw a lot of leaflets in a mall entrance, pick up a piece of a look, a local website in publicity, from Montreal leaflets, this effect is not very obvious, but also can see it burn, not a webmaster to do.

3, business cards, a large number of business cards, the same doubts about this, the reasons for the same as above.

is now a very realistic society, I take part in your website or what can bring benefits to me is what I see in the leaflet, you can see the advertisement leaflets in addition to? You just to promote their own websites, but not considered by the propaganda of the feelings of the people, in fact, if you want. When someone sends you leaflets, the leaflets also very interested in you? May be thrown away, your money will be thrown into the trash, the truth is the same name card.

for these, I suggest some ways to improve

, do not use simple leaflets, flyers, leaflets may be pure manufacturing waste, we are best at festivals such as Spring Festival, printing leaflets above second years of the zodiac, printed on the calendar, then printed on your web site promotion, so at least you can see, even keep calm down.

is not just two, name card site and the only printed on the website is good, but in some publicity when others do not know what is the web site, the site all printed on, this effect is also very poor.