Hello, I’m 3VS black (black alliance unlimited traffic alliance) to write this article is not for anything else, is not what just want to promote, as a webmaster and advertisers should trust each other, after all, the environment is too chaotic at least in my opinion

these years!

first of all, I said: advertising union.

, as I said before, let’s say it now. Now the advertising Union, in general, is a serious two division, taking two extremes. The alliance is not in the enhancement, has become more and more perfect, although other alliances in strengthening, improvement in a section of the section, strengthen the propaganda, but worthy of our thinking is the pace of development will catch up on the "big fish" pace? Of course I am not sure: some big fish eat small fish, consider from the individual level, so I should really think. Now the ad alliance, I randomly extracted my webmaster friend to investigate, the results show that the present advertising alliance does not trust, would rather do well-known, such as: Baidu. GOOGLE and so on, other basic not to do, this kind of situation mostly exists in the big flow (for small flow I don’t talk about here). We can actually think about why, in ADMIN5, we don’t lack such posts. We often talk about which alliance does not pay and so on. This is a fact, and we can not deny it. After such a long period of time, resulting in the choice of large alliances, to eliminate small league, this risk is relatively low, relatively stable. After a circle, we return to one point: brand – trust. Advertising alliance is our advertisers, in this environment, we are more willing to make their own choice,


secondly, I say: single advertiser (exclude alliance)

is now the advertisers, especially for those who do not experience what advertisers tend to be playing with the results of your investment owners, did not return or get less than expected for the poor, so I can go to describe: styled. Why is there such a phenomenon? My personal analysis that now advertising alliance is an advertising platform, and virtual advertising than traditional media with relatively low price, plus some other factors, such as: the current trend of network, personal preferences, leading some advertisers may not invest in the transfer and transformation, however, advertising union of such a platform will often appear all sorts of problems in the actual operation process, there is a risk that is certain, from this perspective, some advertisers are willing to transfer the risk to yourself, the way of reducing risks gradually from the advertising alliance instead for advertisers to understand the level of its website. The way of reducing risks in the sense of some advertisers there is a time difference, often in order to seize the opportunities greatly advertised, However, on the basis of not understanding the site, such advertising investment returns may be very low, so that this time difference, many advertisers can not afford, otherwise lost opportunities and gains.

here, let me give you an example: in the A5 forum, you’ve got a post for advertising