most webmaster do stand, just looking at the daily traffic, PV, and ignore the most basic profit point.

without a good profit, even if one day 1W traffic is no good.

and a website profit point should determine what time? Before a website should be defined, how to earn some money by profit, large flow, or monthly advertising and the like, or what is selling things on your own website, these are to be prepared the. Zac in his "network marketing password," said, you can have traffic after planning the profit model of two kinds of people: one is genius, two is that you can finance. Obviously, these two kinds of people are extremely rare.

here says some of the things I use the site to make money. I built a new station some time ago. The first month is not profitable, this month, every day to do something is to change links, update original (or pseudo original) article. The flow rate is fast, but the conversion rate is low. Second months, the effect of SEO basically, popular keywords also lined up about 12 to 10, before a process, the row in front of the station, or is the chain there are tens of thousands, or articles included several thousand, this to me a little new station, are temporary the impassable. Other key words are in the top 10, so there’s still some business.

sold a few things in second months and someone joined us, so we’re making a profit this month. About earned 2000 yuan. Believe that in the near future, there will be 5 figures.

In fact, this is my

second to sell a website, mainly want to familiarize yourself with the online sales model, applied to other products, there are still a lot of things to sell, but the operating method of core remains. My first selling website is an enterprise station, and the form of cooperation with factories to pick up orders, after a single to the factory to do the goods, profits half and half.

so, personal Adsense to make money, we must first determine the profit model, and then to think about traffic. Making money is nothing more than buying and selling to make a difference. Understand this principle, I believe you will become bigger and bigger, and do better,


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