this article called "why SEO need to abandon with difference", we all know do not seek common ground, after all the affairs of state. Seeking common ground while reserving differences can only leave our website without room to live.

so-called "difference abandoned with" is the website to have its own characteristics and advantages, this is likely to start novice website is difficult to grasp, this does not matter, as long as you have enough experience, this step, you will realize that sooner or later, you will also be able to understand the meaning of the "/p>!

we all know that the Internet acquisition, the early stage of the website’s activities to enrich the data of the website, I can not deny the benefits of this approach completely, but I believe it will do more harm than good. Why do you say that,


we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the collection from two aspects:

one, good side,

1, you can let a website on the initial stage, there will be enough data to enrich the page, not the site is empty, lack of content;

2, you can make the site inflated and beautiful, users come in to appreciate the content, whether you are pictures, articles, movies, games or downloads, the truth is the same;

3, data collection saves the trouble of a lazy person, there are many users do not like writing, but also can not write any good content, collection is the only way;

in the past few years, search engines did not change the algorithm before, the acquisition of many achievements of the webmaster dream of prosperity. Regardless of what the site content, as long as the line will flow. But now is not the same, search engine now, the webmaster themselves clear,


two, bad side,

1, collection is the repetition of content, greatly affecting your site jumping rate;

2, repeated content may have been net friend looked N times, lead to web site lack of new ideas, affect the user’s experience;

3, for search engines, we all know that they pay attention to originality, like new content appear, even if 32 words also become, the website needs to let the search engine trust, this is the weight of the website.

4, the data collected are a lot of junk files, and if you do not re edit, your site disappeared or help search engines abandoned, will become inevitable!


so before we collect the data, we need to make clear that we’re building a spam site, or are we going to build a brand site that will allow more people to use it, remember you?. Many webmaster is to do website as a career to do, we need this spirit!


this is what I want to express the differences with abandon "means, we want to build a professional website, bigger and stronger requires more exchanges and more distinctive, original