now most people live in the building, it also means that more and more families on the floor, good room, also beautify the life, but also bring endless trouble and overworked, often need the mop to clean the floor! Mop the floor, less than ten minutes, more than a few minutes, time-consuming and laborious. If there are elderly, pregnant women and children at home, the more trouble. Although mopping the floor of the tool to improve, but still can not solve the problem, because every day as long as someone walking, there will be dust. Now the emergence of ground slippers, completely solve the problem, but also for you to bring greater business opportunities!

: market analysis

slippers this market said that up to terror, and demand more indoor slippers, thousands of households are needed, each family less need for two or three more than double, seven or eight double, if it is a hotel research institute needs more, the market capacity is large, the prospect is good, it is difficult to estimate.


implementation plan:

1, job location: can be a home style homework, reduce all costs.

2, chemical materials: three kinds of chemical fiber materials and high viscosity, all over the country can buy.

3, the essential tools: a sewing machine, a work table, the other by scissors, scale daily tool.

4, sales channels: commercial taste shops, hotels, hospitals, research institutes, residential areas and other wholesale city to try to do more exercise, do more promotions, to let people realize the convenience of use, on the slippers.

5, processing and production: as long as the filamentous chemical fiber materials and slippers of synthetic materials on the line, the operation is simple and easy, do not have any technical. This site can also provide technical assistance in this regard.

6, slippers embryo material: the national production of ordinary indoor slippers manufacturers a lot, you can consider from the people there, some of the wholesale processing. Of course, if they can produce higher profits, but the investment will be greater.

7, advertising: the first is the promotion of the field exercise, the second is reported through the media publicity, after all, this is a new product, there is a good news, can cause the attention of reporters.

from the above examples, we can see that the market everywhere, as long as there is market demand, as long as there is demand, there are business opportunities. I hope that the above Xiaobian for you to bring you can help the future of entrepreneurship!