how to write this topic today, the reason is many novice webmaster or want to become a webmaster friends, usually most concerned about is: "how much money do you make" "you make money?" "how do you make money" and so on, there are two words to make money. Why are many new AdSense and concerned about "making money" two words, the reasons for analysis are as follows:

first of all, many novice Adsense is the first time to enter this strange and mysterious industry, and even before entering, domain names, space, databases and other knowledge in the brain is pale. When a successful example of them on the outside when the plane media, continue to inspire us, an eager impulse will make us a lot of hot blooded youth not hesitate to join in, perhaps in their opinion, money is very simple. However, the fact has been hit twelve points once confidence, face daily scarce traffic and popularity, is still the heart of doubt, this time gradually depressed themselves, emptiness, in urgent need of a pillar, the pillar is a webmaster. If you can get good news from other webmaster, you will continue to do so. If you get the bad news, you will feel relieved, it seems that I can’t make money. Secondly, many novice webmaster want to prove themselves through income, so as to be more confident to do a good job site. So I put money two words always in my heart, desperately trying to make money. The results may backfire.

novice webmaster, when you want to enter this industry, first of all you have to do is to learn, after all, you are in an unfamiliar industry, just as we go to school to learn, not learning the necessary knowledge, you can enter a higher level of learning? The answer is no.. When you are still in the learning phase, it is best to concentrate on your studies in a few months, not to consider how to make money! Because two words will imprison your passion for thinking and learning. Keep losing your confidence. Many novice webmaster will faint leave.

when you study good knowledge, let your mind to find profiteering point. Your success will be replicated. At that time, still worry about making money.

novice webmaster, when you are ready to do it, you have in mind "28 law" (also called the 28 law of Pareto’s law is at the end of nineteenth Century early twentieth Century Italy economist bale invented. He believes that in any group of things, the most important only a small part, about 20%, while the remaining 80%, although the majority, but secondary, so also known as the 28 law. Used here can be interpreted as 10 webmaster, about 80% will not make money. So you have to understand that you have only 20% chance of making money. Not 100%. In fact, the remaining 80% are equally intelligent and intelligent, but many of them lack persistence and support. Read a description of the stationmaster a few days before the cartoon: the general idea of the cartoon is a webmaster, a year ago is a handsome sun, and a year later became a dog. Although this cartoon is somewhat exaggerated, but it shows the image of the webmaster of the road sad, full of loneliness, frustration, etc., if you can stick to it, you >!