according to the first "National Internet 3G survey" shows that 49.2% of Internet users said that "Internet tariffs are too high is the main factor affecting the upgrade, while 17.5% of the netizens said" 3G application too little "is to upgrade the resistance. Personally, I think this is an opportunity, 3G website to user applications as a breakthrough, the direction of the site construction, there is a plan.

my personal advice is to develop the following web sites:

(1) software information and download class website

obviously, 3G applications can not be separated from software support, in addition to software developers need to work hard, our site builders also need to work hard. It is our responsibility to collect high-quality software for the vast number of 3G users. 3G application software related information, but also essential, for the website publicity, improve downloads have good results.

(2) web game site

web game site is also very popular now, it is easy, casual, simple entry, take up less time and popular in the internet. When the popularity of 3G applications, web games will be very popular. People on the bus, outdoor sports, rest time, and so on, are likely to use 3G mobile phone to play a web game for a while.

(3) video class website

everyone loves to watch videos and use 3G phones to watch videos anytime and anywhere, which has great temptation to people. However, because of the current operators tariff problem, 3G users can not be long time online, in order to retain users, the majority of 3G webmaster have to think of a way.

(4) novel website

sites are a big part of 2G’s existing web applications. Novel stand has his advantaged advantage, that is the flow of savings. In the 3G era, novel sites offer a smoother, more perfect reading experience. It has good prospects for development. But now most of the novel site is reproduced, there is no original author, if you can share with the original author in the early 3G income, I believe there will be good results.

(5) shopping website

The popular website

intention of electronic commerce, 3G era, people’s shopping desire will be more intense, we should seize this opportunity to provide better products for the majority of Internet users, the Jingdong store turnover of the year 1 billion! Our small owners although temporarily still can’t do so much, but I think there is not too to maintain the profit of the development of the website.

said so much, but one thing was basic: content. Personally, I’m against garbage collection. We should focus on user experience, provide richer content, and better content to please users.

above view is only personal opinion, welcome the webmaster to 3G information portal ( detailed discussion