I’m a SOHO, and I’m in the field of website construction in Ji’nan.

in May 2004, I opened DW for the first time. This software is completely new to me. A DW entry, a desktop computer, a "boring 51", I started a new life, seven days time, I entered, and enthusiastically began his dream.

first made a three dimensional studio for himself, then gave up; he did the art studio, and later gave up. I’m still a real SOHO,


I know my own strength, it can be said that I am absolutely against my own self love (like the national situation, I give my own name from it, ha ha), I entered this industry website, is because I did not have the money to do business, I was learning the art I want to marry, life, wife, children, I want the money, so I chose only one computer can do business website production industry.

at first, I must have no clients. I learned how to spend newspaper ads on newspapers. It’s not bad, and the Internet market in 2004 can accept me. I began to have their own customers, I am busy, first customer is a friend of mine site, the first heart website to do, is to talk about yourself to a customer, an online mall 3900 yuan, just at that time, my mother came to Ji’nan to see the son of working, I have a luxury a, ha ha……

I have more than 20 customers, I unconsciously give a direct people to do a little similar to the blog website (now, before this, I am very exclusive, because my father 15 years ago was deceived by marketing). I found it was a good potential market, so I built a QQ group and joined many direct people’s qq.. It worked very well. I made a very small website for many direct sellers…… Through these, I direct this industry to understand, to understand the operation mode of direct marketing, I began to write some bonus settlement procedures to direct the successful people, the price can be five thousand or six thousand yuan, the bonus settlement program contains a version of the web, if it is direct sales system products, I can write a product publicity to their website, help them registered foreign virtual host or server, etc…… So far, I have done 10 direct marketing procedures, and now they can for the new opening of the direct sales team a package in the end, including to produce them a direct marketing system, cattle bar –

then I understand an industry, is a book named industry, it is a coincidence of opportunity, I could also have a newspaper advertisement effect, I give two customers were "the baby named" net net "starting line" name, to tell the truth, do it I feel sure, this website is not to make money, but do not expect is that customers through their own efforts, in about 3 months later, he began to have income, "