each company has its own needs. What do I need,


dazzling statistical system, how to choose and reject



traffic profile

is the traffic increasing today? What’s the decrease? What’s the range?

now called statistical system, can it be convenient to open an overview to advertisers query?

panoramic statistics, Baidu statistics, there is no relevant function. Google statistics are difficult to share, even if shared, no contact with the people are not easy to see. CNZZ is currently only open all of the information, which contains the webmaster drainage used "keyword search" and "important promotion path", which we do not want competitors to see the information, I hope you can hide. Finally on 51la, although the function is very powerful, but the interface is ugly unbearable, but Something is better than nothing. serve:



traffic expansion

allows users to web site as home page, this kind of direct traffic is not good control, but the other two channels, promote links and keywords, can be extended operation.


engage in SEO, mastered a keyword, and other similar keywords are easy to do:


in addition to grab relevant words, we also need to know is, this keyword search index in how to change, if it is upward trend, then increase efforts to continue to push, and vice versa go to other:


and Baidu statistics, the most let me happy is that it provides search antecedents, clearly tell you what the keyword in the search engine search is the number of times in the search results page, this data is of great significance for the observation of the optimized ranking status:


referral links:

turn around and continue to say that the second aspects of traffic development, the introduction of the path of observation, in this regard, Baidu statistics do almost.

itself is a web site, the same content, the same Baidu snapshot, not divided into 3 copies to me:


recommend links to statistics, like the data provided by Google, list all domains, and then click on the domain name to list all the pages under the domain name. The disadvantage is that the data from the WWW domain name, it eliminates the WWW, and the other site if you do not do domain name resolution >