website is really 05 years in June, and now estimate did more than 100 QQ stations, now about more than 50 have survived! At that time is still relatively good, just to find a space domain name, set up OK, point out the edge content, easy to flow. But at that time, just began to contact, not to run, do stop always stop open, did not adhere to. It feels like every time you come back, think of how much time you’ve wasted.

experience so much, ushered in the new era of the Internet, can not do as before, standing, ten ministries crackdown, many personal websites are closed down, career change. Many of my stations are closed. Considering a long time, decided to do a QQ site, and their QQ industry is also a little bit of the relationship (I’m developing QQ plug-in). After a series of sites will do things, space domain name, CMS, collection, generation and release, then chose DEDECMS, feel easier to start, open source can also modify the program more convenient. Early promotion, we all know, and Baidu’s collection is still very fast, and their updated fast. The main station was built, and the sub station was built. The content was signed by QQ personality, using the two level domain name. This sub station was popular. The best day was IP to 5000. Now it is down and is finding the way.

new station did a period of time, did not let any advertising. Later on the application for GG advertising, but also relatively smooth, 3 days passed. Right away, I added the ad for GG on the page. Because of the strict rules of GG, I added the code directly to the content of the page, so I had to regenerate all the pages and spend a day updating. The next time is the update, check the GG advertising situation, start the unit price is relatively high, click less, every day there are 2$to 3$so. A few weeks later, the flow also increased a little, every day on the 5$so, the feeling is OK, the highest time is 10$(seems to only have one or two days, huh, huh). $soon to 50, and so on GG sent PIN, but waited for a long time, second months have not received, some worried, and then changed the address, re apply, and finally in July, when received PIN. At that time, GG advertising has more than 400 knives, in July 25th, backstage to see, GG has sent a check, happy ah, followed by waiting, and received checks about more than 10 days, 458.14$, very excited. The first time I received this item, I read it for a long time. Ha ha, so I checked it online and changed it to RMB. Knowing that the bank was going to collect, it took several banks to find the collection, and the whole process went well. A 55 yuan Commission may be a bit expensive, but it’s worth it. The next thing is to wait for a bank call to collect RMB.

now IP basic stability at about 8000, and don’t know why, recently included reduce, hope to write this article increase points included


‘s current profit model:

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