as we all know, a pre promotion is drained by reviews.

has a brain webmaster should understand, the blog is not just by this small skill started, the blog started is the result of many aspects of joint action. All roads lead to Rome, and in the end the blogger is the God of grass roots". Although this is not the only elixir blog into God’s field, but notes had certain tests and reviews drainage does have some effect. Below, there will be Tian notes will be combined with personal practical experience and experience, to discuss with you comments drainage.

first: believe, act, and stick to


method is the most simple and most effective, first you have to believe that this method is feasible, after field testing notes, as long as you are from the media blog and comment on each other, the other 99.99% will visit or comment.

it refers to the field of psychology and sociology. The appeal is divided into levels, to meet the food and clothing, people a very important demands on "attention", "respect", the grassroots is hard, "said the beggar is" too much every day, spend a lot of energy program, make the original, but also low three four to ask others to view their hard stuff everywhere (drainage). In this state, the webmaster is extremely need to identify. If there is a person to review their own blog carefully write down naturally inspired, in return, the other will usually return.

remember, you didn’t send the comment, "it’s warm.". Maybe a comment from the bottom of your heart can bring back a webmaster who’s about to give up.

second: decision making

The so-called "

", commenting on the drainage have ready plans to meet a situation before making their own strategies and policies.

where is the main comment on the question, many webmaster now choose is in the blogger comments, leaving attractive questions and links, and other people to visit. This kind of situation is not recommended by Tian notes. First of all, most of the blogger reviews are about promotion, and there is also a problem of showing and transforming. Maybe you leave ten comments, and the good situation can bring 30 visits, but perhaps an interview can’t be brought. Tian notes recommend access directly to Blogger blog comment, and Swiss comments. In this case, the basic 10 comments can bring 10 visits, or so, as long as the other side to see your comments will return, reciprocity.

is the choice of the blog, try to choose a relatively low profile webmaster blog to visit, do not go to think "Hot Blog" and "experts", even the sun every day, VIP circle blog, visit the effect will be much worse.

third, action

said better, think more beautiful, no action is nonsense. The real action, and now most of the webmaster have opened a mobile version, use >