The conversion rate of

has been flawed enterprise website, some enterprise web site traffic is very high conversion rate is almost zero, while some traffic conversion rate is up to a few hundred, what is the reason, let the site conversion rate is so low, what is the reason for the conversion rate is so high as? The enterprise website operators have to consider this problem, many SEO staff also once fell into such predicament.

as the network marketing, the conversion rate is zero, the network marketing is a failure, we locate corporate website is not much website IP, but how many can turnover list, marketing and product promotion website from serious. So how can we fundamentally improve the conversion rate of enterprise website,


first of all, we analyze why the conversion rate is low:

has found that the conversion rate is low, mainly for several reasons,

1: website content diversification

for a simple example, our website is selling mobile phones, but we have attracted entertainment gossip content customers. The emergence of this problem, the main reason is the promotion personnel focused on the flow, rather than in the future whether the company profits, the company’s management for the blind, do not understand the Internet promotion channels, only ask promotion personnel, what is today’s traffic? How not to ask the customer intention today there.

2: geographical orientation is inaccurate,

"greed" is a human instinct, some people can control their own, and some people can not control, we have the product is local, but in the promotion process has undergone a qualitative change, we have targeted the national market. This seems to have what problem, but in fact we have deviated from the theme, for example, we want to promote mobile phone, mobile phone for the word in the search engine’s competitiveness, although his search as can be imagined, the index is high, but we can under the careful analysis, the retrieval of the vocabulary are those people, they come from all over the country anywhere. Even from overseas.

3: user group positioning is not accurate,

is also the example of mobile phone, mobile phone search may be in order to understand the concept of mobile phone, or is this movie called "mobile phone", or to understand the function of mobile phone and so on, of course, if you are doing this kind of word that PPC will be less effective, so do product promotion when a certain user groups positioning accuracy.

4: website design is not reasonable,

Chinese chengmenmian all know the meaning of the word, of course, a derogatory composition, there are positive elements, but we can’t expect everyone to be others do not pay attention to appearance, we want to leave the first effect and good for others, we must modify our appearance, with good appearance. Humble behavior, which you >