if the site’s IP and PV ratio is one to two, the reason for this problem is that your site experience is not high.

The problem with

is that the direct result is a drop in revenue, or simply no income. Why do you say so? I’ll give you an example and you’ll see. Once a man enters the store, he takes a glance at the shop and probably goes out. Then the person will certainly not benefit you. If the person goes in and starts looking around, the person may be spending.

we do the same thing. We want to get customers to click a few more pages so that we can maximize our customers and get them to pay for us. For information sites, pictures, novel sites, especially the content of the special, although PV is also very high, but income is not necessarily high, this is a special case. Not in today’s discussion, but later on.

, the maximum number of visits to a website is generally concentrated in the home page, and publicity pages are also concentrated in the home page. So, want to seize the customer stay time, must in the home page design work hard. This is the "Facade" effect. What is the core value of the website, it is OK to solicit with what. Miss will be dressed to the nines, but also learn to packaging products. But remember, don’t overdo it. This ratio must be taken care of, or you will bring negative emotions to your customers". He came in to find beauty, you use beautiful pictures to attract him, after no beauty to him, give him a dinosaur sister, the consequences will be very serious. Diandaqike no reason, a small shop and coax, some attention to this point.

network now is a title of the era of the party, but also an era of information flooding, but do not see what others use, their own use. You need to know whether that’s good or not, whether you’re studying him, or you’re trying it out first, OK, then find out what’s best for you to promote yourself.


homepage usually has three core values. These three points are the easiest to attract customers.

one, website theme; two, website navigation; three, home page content

the first one is very important. You tell the user what this website is for.

second is for the user to choose, he has basically understood what your website is doing, you can tell him by navigation, see if you need.

third is the most specific, you are good at the user most needed products on the home page, users go in, the site will find that you need.

Chinese have a characteristic, that is, he does not know what he really needs, but he knows he must be in demand. Once again, give an example.

many young people want to find a boyfriend and a girlfriend, but they don’t know what they want. You introduced him to a bar, he looked after still not satisfied, let him find one in the company, he also be full of worries. This time >