before I started operating Leshan online, I did a more detailed survey. In Leshan, a country with a population of millions, only television operates an official news network, which is rather crude and extremely unprofessional and operates solely on official capital. Due to its official nature, the stories it reports are mostly big news, and even a propaganda role for the government.

people need to have their own news websites to cover their little stories, so it’s my mission to create a people’s own news network.

how to use a local information website? Today, through the A5 platform to share my experience and skills.

one, content chapter

a web site needs at least the content, and now we all know "content is king" reason, many webmaster think to be original. But have you ever thought of a new station online, if all hair original article is very unrealistic, an information website need to have a lot of article content, otherwise it is bound to reduce user experience. Unless you are willing to spend a few years slowly running the site, it means that in a few years, the site can not rise to a certain height.

then how do the content do? I think you can collect some relatively high content, you can appropriate pseudo original, these content will become the most original content. Of course, it would be better to sort out some original news. When our website is formally launched, it can not be used to collect content, we should start every day to insist on publishing certain original content, but you can also reprint some of the news of the site. For example, reprinted NetEase, many local news sites have reproduced their content, but did not have been K station. Including NetEase, there are other people around the web site article. This is very normal in the news website industry. Of course, I urge you to retain the copyright information of the original website.

two, online promotion

promotion, in fact, more methods, here I will sort out some of the more practical. We are mainly based on SEO.

1, website optimization,

in the planning of the site, we should tidy up the key words, web site home from 3 to 5 main keywords. Column page set 1 to 3 long tail keywords. After the site on-line, we need to tidy up the long tail keywords that haven’t been used yet.

do a good job in the web site, through the crumbs navigation, all pages plus home links. Each page should have a random article recommended section, so that spiders can be collected every time the pages are not the same. The article page needs to have a relevant article to achieve the purpose of the chain.

2, soft text publicity

as a local portal should be authoritative, so we need >