a soft argument, from the last century in 90s from the newspaper media published text ads, spanning from twentieth Century to now, the soft has been developed from traditional newspapers, magazines, books gradually spread to a variety of network media and mobile phone media, such as soft Wen, pay portal published blog for free forum event planning, release the soft soft Wen and so on. Soft after decades of development, more and more attention in the business and marketing industry at the same time, the concept is gradually enriched, definition of all kinds of soft, and for the definition of marketing is also no uniform standard. Between here, as hundreds of enterprises soft Wen service provider, soft Wen home will be "soft Wen marketing" to express personal views, for soft Wen marketing scholars colleagues reference.

in real life, there is usually an example of when a person does something wrong, he often boils down to something closest to the event. For example, one day the boss asked Zhang to submit a marketing plan in a short period of time, but when he hurried to put the plan submitted to the boss, the boss to see the entire program idea is very good, but there are some problems in the presentation, the most serious is the spelling Lianpian, therefore, the boss Zhang Jiaojin the office is typos phenomenon scheme in the presence of a small piece of a serious criticism, but Zhang did bite said: "because of the time too fast, too late to check for typos." Think about it, hurry can be a reason to cause typos, but where is the most fundamental reason for the defense? The boss Zhang very atmosphere, he is not aware of his atmosphere Zhang not only usually do not develop good typing habits and checking spelling habits, and is the fundamental reason attributed to the urgency of time the.

said this case is to explain such a problem in marketing, many enterprises and Zhang, when many bosses carry out soft marketing effect and the poor, will be directly attributed to the soft, light soft, did not write, so that the soft completely deny the value of marketing. The entrepreneurs did not understand, cause marketing failure, must look for the whole process from the marketing of soft paper, just think the soft bad argument is unscientific, also provides marketing services and finally let people feel injustice!

if the text did not achieve the desired results, is not all because of the quality of soft not, perhaps soft release media not well, perhaps not in place may follow the soft speculation, is not clear enough soft pre survey. Because soft text is a systematic project, any part of the system out of the question, may affect the whole soft marketing effect.

the home that the so-called marketing is to achieve some specific marketing objectives, from the soft market research analysis, demand analysis, product / service concept refining, marketing strategy planning, soft soft Wen creation, and then to a soft cloth, with the hype of a vector, finally, according to the status of implementation to adjust the marketing strategy system of soft engineering.